August 27, 2012


We need more Power Rangers!

The killings are continuing at a very rapid rate here in Chicago.

A friend from high school has given up her house, due to the violence on her block, in order to protect her child.

I wrote a few weeks back about art combating gang graffiti ~ HERE is the CHICAGOTRIBUNE's commentary about it! While this program is GREAT, it is only the tip of the iceberg.


These thug/terrorists not only care nothing about their communities, their lives, their histories - they are flagrantly arrogant, cowardice, deviants.

It is almost as if we have somehow created a superior felon. One that has the dynamics of a serial killer, the audaciousness of the gangster and the mental capacity of a toddler.

I once likened the common criminal to an overzealous student. When I first started my career, I marveled at how intelligent my street kids were. They were mainly ignored, but brilliant people that society forgot about.  I developed relationships with my "clients" because many really had conscious... it was more of a matter that no one ever really listened to them or guided them.

The "new" criminal is, for the most part, unreachable. They care about nothing but pulling up their damn pants! They are inconsiderate and mouthy. They are propelled by quick, flaring tempers, they are uneducated and borderline uneducable. What concerns me the most is their propensity to gun someone down and never think about it again.

They appear soulless.

Many of you think this is the black community simply turning in on itself, but I can truly attest to the fact that these new super criminals, such as the criminal behind the movie theater massacre, the Empire State murderer and many of the Campus Killers are just as deviant. It appears these crimes waves are more generational than most care to consider.

The "Burger King" mentality ( I tell criminals at least 10 times a day, THIS IS NOT BURGER KING, NO YOU CANNOT HAVE IT YOUR WAY ) of having things immediately, resolving altercations immediately, answer me, feed me, buy me this, take care of this .... is definitely culprit.

We may not ever be able to salvage this generation.

If that truly is the case, please start now by teaching your children to WAIT!

"NO" you can NOT talk to me while I am ON THE PHONE.

"NO" I will NOT feed you right this second - WAIT!

"NO" I am not buying that.

Just because I am in a store does not mean you have to get something! My children never even asked for fear of getting popped in the mouth.

ANYWAY, it is up to us to move this violent progression onto another path.

This bunch is not listening though, but that doesn't mean we stand still. Urge your legislators to get off the porn sites, out of bed with their lovers and fix this mess!!!

I for one am voting for the SWAT team to come in and take over CHICAGO STREETS NOW.

Civil Liberties are a right, BUT not when people are Terrorists. URGE your legislators to make these terrorists accountable just as they do all the other terrorists. Don't tell me you can find someone in a bunker half way around the world but you can't stop a homicidal 15 year old!

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