April 23, 2012

How Do YOU Incorporate COLOR Into Your Look?

How do  you incorporate color into your look?

My favorite color is black.

You will often meet me and I will be draped in all black.

THINK Ally Sheedy's "Breakfast Club" character Allison Reynolds and you will know who I was in high school.

As I matured, my taste matured. It is a weeebit classier, but still all black. 

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg
I will say, I have learned to dash in a bit of color every now and again to accentuate the occasion.

My idea of "splash of color" on a typical work day, may mean something urbane like a studded bobby pin, a vibrant coral blue necklace, or a sheer bright red scarf.

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

It can also mean throwing on a shocking lime green trench, or a pair of pink boots!

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

What do you do to bring out pizazz in your ensemble?

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    Pinkie said...

    Jewelry is a great way to add color, especially with black clothes as a "background". And purses, too, also can add "pop". And I loved Ally Sheedy in that movie!

    Live an Abundant Life said...

    I let my highlights take on the color ;) I've fallen a victim of the black as well...must be a family thing!

    Houseonahillorg said...

    Pinkie, that is so true about purses!!! Good one! ha ha Ally Sheedy has had many faces but Allison is one of my fans!

    Live an Abundant Life ... looking good next to your Nan in black!