February 7, 2012

Is Your Life Well Lived??

How do you practice self-acceptance and find unconditional love for yourself? How does practicing love first help you attract more love and happiness in your life?

                                    photo courtesy of Craig Johnson

Every year promises to be a wondrous year.

Don't all new years present themselves with promise and possibility?

On the eve of every new year, I find myself contemplating my past, formulating my future and envisioning new goals.

As the new year blossoms, I fight my demons and press my way out of my inevitable and relentless winter blahs. This year however, I made up my mind to let myself be. I did not resist the blahs. I did not delve into any introspective analyzations. I let myself breathe, and as a result, birthed myself into this brand new year. It was a rough labor too. Usually, I am suffering because the cold just downright depresses me, but this year's warmth and unusual mildness unearthed that, while I do hate the cold weather, my blue attitude is simply what it is ... Winter Blues!

Coming into this realization allowed me to accept that it is okay to feel yucky in January! I made no excuses for it. It is what it is. I may have let down, and disappointed those close to me, but I remained true to myself.

I did not overbook myself trying to be everything to everybody, and as a result, February has rolled in, and I feel charged and alive. It took me a few years, but being true to myself, and allowing myself to be my self, has given my spirit a well needed jolt!

Supercharging the spirit takes courage. Especially if you are a parent or are responsible for other people (or animals). We need to love ourselves enough to do what is best for ourselves.

Only we can provide the answers to what we need.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle may not be your thing, but if you want to feel your best, you must listen to what you need. Getting rest and eating right is only effective if you are also mentally fit. Making the right decisions for yourself, staying ahead of fatigue and inadequate diets are also paramount for being your best.

Yoga is my most favorite tool because it addresses mind, body and spirit.

What tools do you utilize? Do you find religion helps? Is there a certain exercise or action? What is your recipe to a "Healthier, Happier, You"??

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Live an Abundant Life said...

love this nana. She is so beautiful!!!

Houseonahillorg said...

LOL, yes she is!!