October 26, 2011

Dealing With Negative People

How do you deal with negative people in your life?

Blogher always has interesting, introspective campaigns running! 

"How Do You Deal With The Negative People In Your Life?

In my particular case, this post has meaning beyond the intended meaning!

With 25 years under my belt in various positions within the Criminal Justice arena, here in Cook County, I have had my share of negativity.

Irate pompous judges, flamboyant ego maniac attorneys, cranky clerks, venomous moms, screaming babies, gang bangers, killers, baby killers (yes, they have their own category) AND the mentally challenged have categorized the negative influences I've typically encountered.

Navigating has become a formula that I cherish. RIsing above the frailties of man-kind without scarring ... well, okay, I have some mental scars, but I have maintained a wonderful outlook.

IT IS HARD, but I breathe. I encourage accountability. Many people vent their inadequacies expecting you to absorb the fall-out. UH ... NO! That is your crap, so claim it!!

We would all love to eliminate the negative people in our lives, but that is not realistic. We can't change people and we can't off them all, so we must be responsible for ourselves. We must NOT allow the sourness to breach our sweet. Hang tight, hang tough and be joyous!!! 

For myself, I allow what I love, like my son, to sustain me... read more and enter the sweepstakes for $250 Sweepstakes!!!! THAT should bring a smile!

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