September 14, 2011

I don't want to FALL!

With all of the excitement from MJ Tam, Melisa Wells and our Social Rev Up announcement, I am now inspired!

It takes quite a bit to inspire me during the fall. I am a warm weather baby. I LOVE the heat, the beaches, the outdoor cafes and sunshine.

Letting go, watching the leaves change and the seasons reminds me that Chicago is a great city but its weather is something I don't enjoy.

I am revved up though. Starting to shift gears to stay on top and not slip into a horrible weather related depression is my full time concern right now!

A good friend moved to Flagstaff Arizona recently, and my envy had to be contained!!

What are you all doing to stay revved up?

Many of you have related to me on Twitter that you LOVE the season changes.

Share with me so I can grasp tightly onto something!!!


Claudia said...

Fall is actually my favorite season (don't hate me) The cooler weather, the changing hues, the urge to hunker in and cook comfort foods is very blissful for me. I can't wait for the first fire in the fireplace or the fire pit...I'm not picky. There is an internal warmth that Fall brings that allows the transition from the external warmth of Summer to be less traumatic. I hope these images can help you to embrace the Fall just a little bit more ;-)

Houseonahillorg said...


Holding on to your comforting thoughts! They do seem to make the transition palatable :-) Thanks!