August 17, 2011

On Why I Won't Be Seeing "The Help"

"The Help" is causing a stir in the black community. The book was supposed to be very good. I know a few folks who raved about it, and it actually was on my list of "reads", but then, I really did not know the subject matter. I was merely relying on good friends' recommendation. I am sure I may have even enjoyed the book, but the movie struck me in my hide.

It is a story I am familiar with. At least one, if not both, of my maternal Great-great grandmothers were "the help". One was a coal black woman, already married with six children when she was forced to submit to her French employer who fathered my great-grandfather back in New Orleans.

It is painful when I think about it because I was raised knowing that my family does not bear their rightful name. We are actually the DeMare's from Convent, LA. The cast away side. The side that inherited nothing, not even a name.

Then there is the fact that Viola Davis is a compelling and incredible woman, actress and presence. But for the love of me, if I have to see this woman in another mammy-made dress talking "Yessim, no ma'am, I'se goin to git that for you right nah..." BLAH BLAH BLAH, I think I might slit my wrists and VLOG it!!!


Now, don't get me wrong. I WANT my sistas working. Octavia Spencer, and every colored woman in Hollywood vies for the same roles because they come in far and few between. I LOVE MaryJ and yes, PUT SOME PAPER IN THEIR POCKETS!

BUT America, really, three generations later, we as colored women have come FAR. Where is Condi Rice's story???? Where is  Susan Rice's story? Hell, where is MY story??

Why can't Viola play Wonder Woman? She has an amazing body!

Aren't we ready yet to see beyond the recollections of our wretched pasts? I do wish this film well. Maybe some shame and eye-opening will take place, most likely it won't - after all I just listened to this stupid crap today:

Asinine, racist idiocy will continue. SO Hollywood, hello, could we really move on now to human screenplays that are very transparent - you remember, like when Halle Berry played Cat Woman???

I am SO ready - enough of the back of the bus, we lived it, are living it, and are ready for movies that reflect how the world should be -  and not some finger shaking former Tea Party bat's stab at making things right. No offense in any way to Kathryn Stockett, who I am certain, penned a fine tale in honor of her surrogate mother.

Okay, and so, while searching for information, heck, Viola herself said it best here:

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