July 5, 2011

When you've got work to do ~ Dig in! But, be healthy first!

Balancing the weight of the world on your head is a HEAVY load.

Social service is a constant. People will always have problems that they need help with. Solving these problems, or at the very least, listening and offering alternatives to the worse case scenario is painstaking.

That is my day in AND my day out. I rarely ever write about it because it was my choice to want to "save the world". I put that cape on, and dammit, I shan't complain!

Well .... I'm complaining today. Just a tad. Only because sometimes I run into an individual, okay, a LOT of the times I run into someone who takes no responsibility for their situation and becomes angry with you simply because you are there and the one who might have an answer.

The gentleman that my public service brought me to cross paths with today, and ultimately made me contemplate my current life choices, chose to ride a bus, without paying, OR actually boarding! He decided he wanted to grab hold and hitch until... well, he got where he was going.

Things of this nature, as crazy as they are, are things I come into contact with daily. 

Today, I am choosing my health over world problems. I can't retire from my job - yet, but I am seeing my chiropractor again this week, in addition to yoga and the massage therapy she prescribed. I neglected myself, and before I knew it, 8 months had passed!

I continued my yoga regimen each day, but it was not in association with the other components - so I was in discomfort thinking I could handle it. 

Lesson? We must keep ourselves at the forefront - always - never ceasing, never taking a break. While it is impossible to maintain, if we stay in this mental state, we have less inclination to dissuade ourselves from our primary focus - which is ourselves.

We can be everything to everyone only if we have established that we come first.

In doing so, we are teaching those around us that being self-sufficient is a hard road that we all have to take responsibility for. Increasing supplements, making the effort to do what is best for ourselves speaks volumes and incentivizes the community around us to stand up, make better choices and deliver. 

We are all capable. Sometimes we want others to do the work, and we will, but only if the passenger is shifting gears.

SO, I will be going to therapy, chiropractor and yoga - 

I dropped 6 pounds this week! I plan to drop 5 more and eat only to sustain. I really want to feel better without headaches and tight shoulders. I want to be happy, I want you to be happy, I want world peace! Okay, lofty goals, but help me dig in! We've got work to do!


Tom Brennan said...

The Dalai Lama will be in Chicago in less than two weeks. In view of all the stress you run into on a daily basis, I think you'd enjoy listening to him.

You're correct in that it's too soon to retire. With proper planning, and a bit of luck, you may be able to successfully switch careers within the next decade.

Houseonahillorg said...

OH BOY! I will definitely look into that, thanks Tom! Yep, its time to switch gears and move toward new goals!