June 13, 2011

Tip-toe through the tulips! Not all over the front page!

I do not know the source of my frustration with the media, but it is definitely there. It sort of begins with the propensity to latch on to the idiocy of magnifying personal frailties and balloons from there with repetitive finger pointing and horseback-riding some other idiots personal agenda.

Representative Anthony Weiner is a man. Representative John Boehner is a man. Boehner's jokes at a recent commencement address might be intriguing until someone surfaces with something personal about him! What are the statistics? Men think about sex A LOT people! Chances are Boehner has made a comment or suggestion that will surface at a later time.

I am so tired of our country's response to issues! It is debilitating. Firstly, the percentage of men that have sex consuming their thoughts is monumental. Ladies, that means a large portion of our sons, HUSBANDS, boyfriends and brothers. Representative Weiner is NOT an anomaly. Our stuck up attitudes about sex are the source of many of our problems. We are prudes who don't care to examine what repression is doing to our society. Priests? Hello?

As a woman previously engaged to a live-in, married, divorced and has had serious relationships since, I can not ignore that man's sexual appetite is often insatiable, and I am not mad about that. What I am mad about is our communities ignorance.

After the outrage involving Caster Semenya I became a subscriber to the National Sexuality Resource Center.

With all of the ongoing sexually-related issues we have witnessed throughout our adult lifetimes, why are we so compelled to be judgmental? Honestly, as long as it is between consenting adults I do not want to know. I DON'T want to know about folk's sex lives!!! Especially from the media. Does your sexual preferences interfere, in any way, with your job? Are you saying you don't text your lover? Your husband, your friend's husband or KNOW someone who is participating in such acts???? You KNOW that you do.

Long before the days of Sodom and Gomorrah human beings have been obsessed with sexual relations. What feels good to the body, exploring and testing all boundaries is human nature. The sooner we face that, the sooner we can pack those bags of hypocrisy and address the more important issues facing our society.

We have given Representative Weiner more grief for showing off his peepee - and you MOMS know just how often you encouraged your little one - "OH YOU'RE SO CUTE"  when they run around "nakie" - but where is the outrage for how so many mutilate animals and feed them to us? Radioactive oceans? Slaughter in war torn countries? Gas prices? The Cartel? Gangs mobbing people in daylight?

The Sunday news circuit was all WEINER!

Undocumented felons receiving tax monies for state run day care assistance? Hello people, we are paying out thee tush for unlawful services, but all you all care about are some tweeted penises?

What went on between The Governator and Maria Shriver was their own personal affair. David Duchovny, JFK, Moses, Abraham - I mean, why excuse some male impropriety and not that of others?

Sex should not impact someone's capacity to be a good person.

I do not apply this to the sexual deviant. Consenting adults yes. I have unfollowed a host of American media on Twitter because they insist on focusing on people's personal sexual mishaps. It is too much information. European and other worldly news sites save that crap for the gossip papers.

I am SO tired of reading about Representative Weiner's WEINER ( couldn't resist).

Can we PLEASE move on now???

It is essential we utilize these awkward opportunities to have meaningful discussions with our youth. How many of you have?

The National Sexuality Resource Center has an awesome listing of articles and resources to assist you in making a better, cohesive conversation about human beings as sexual beings. Today's YOUTH are being inundatd with horrible messages from our tight viewpoints.

What is normal? What is deviant? Who dictates who you can have sex with? Who categorizes your sexuality for you? What is important to know about what pleasures your body? Who can tell you how you should have sex? What is "appropriate"? Do you need to be "cured" if you do this or that?

Honestly, sex is very personal. I do not know two people who pleasure alike yet we all want to put our foot in someone else's sandbox.

Stay out of my bedroom and my gyne visits! Is that too much to ask????

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