June 19, 2011

Terry McMillan & Happy Father's Day!

Hopefully you have all seen my latest BlogeHer Book Club Review!

We BlogHer Reviewers just finished Terry McMillan's follow-up story to "Waiting To Exhale".

"Getting To Happy" picks up and carries us along on another fun ride with Savannah. Bernadine, Robin and Gloria. Click HERE to read my thoughts about this great read and HERE if you want to pick it up!


                                                  me & my dad

My father is a no-nonsense, firm, old-school, army bred kinda dad. Exactly what I needed and I am so thankful and blessed he's around. He still has his kick which he firmly plants in my 15 year old's behind when needed. He is my son's biggest fan, and for that alone I am indebted and humbly thankful.


For those of you who still have your dad, Enjoy him today!

If he wasn't all that you wanted, love him anyway - we're only human!

If he's already gone on, know that this House loves you and is saying a prayer!

And if you are a dad, and try to be a GOOD one, hats off to you! It's not an easy gig! *applause*

Now go and ENJOY THIS DAY!

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