February 15, 2011

Dan Is Still The Man ~

House ~ How were you motivated for success as a young man?

Dan ~ I was motivated for success because my family raised me with high expectations.  I saw successful people around me, so that was what I expected...success was normal.  My parents always encouraged me to do my best.  They would ask me "what do you want to do after college?", so I was brainwashed (in a good way) to expect to graduate from college, be responsible and be successful.

On a personal note, I think my success is tied to my desire to make a positive difference.  If I saw something wrong, I wanted to help fix it.  I would see a lot of people complain, but they wouldn't do anything to help resolve the situation.  I felt that most complaining was self-centered.  If you take the "I" out of complain, it is com-plan...so I don't complain unless I can come up with a plan to fix it.

House ~ What would you like to see for the youth of our community?

Dan ~ I'd like to see the youth of our community utilize their talents and be successful.  I've done youth motivation for 20 years now and while I am encouraged by the youth that I am able to motivate, I am equally frustrated by the number of youth who are wasting their talent and have low self-esteem and are on a path to trouble.

Our community is full of youth with amazing talents, beauty, creativity and determination. I would love for them to fully realize their potential; I would love for them to have self-respect, community pride and a sense of honor; I would love for them to take education seriously, finish high school and graduate from college; I would love for them to give back to the community, become mentors, teachers and role models; I would love for them to vote, become alderman, mayors, senators, governors and hold positions in the White House; I would love for them have families who are safe, educated and will prosper; most importantly - I want them to truly love themselves and enjoy their lives!

House ~ What are your 3 year goals for your business?

Dan ~ Grow 3D Development Group to over $2 Million in revenue.

Help at least 50 small businesses and community organizations with a formal strategic plan.

Help at least 500 people create and fulfill their Personal Achievement Plans.

Have 1000 speakers in 20 cities for Local Motivators.  We will have delivered 2000 speeches.

Conduct leadership training for the African-American networks in at least 20 corporations.

Train 30 other people to do some of the workshops that I do.

Write and publish 3 more books (I have one written right now...need to get it published).


You too can book Dan for your foundation, community organization or group! Dan's promo is below!

Dan Duster
President – 3D Development Group
Chicago, IL

Dan Duster, a dynamic speaker and facilitator, will energize your organization!  He impacts audiences across the nation by educating people about the legacy of Ida B. Wells (his great-grandmother) as well as the struggles and triumphs of other leaders in African American history.  Dan helps create a work environment that supports and celebrates diversity & inclusion by fostering open communication and having dialogue about “difficult” topics.

Dan’s keynote speech, “Stand Up for Justice..and Do the Right Thing” is a must for any organization!  He tells fascinating parables with a powerful voice to encourage people to;
· Stand Up…for your rights AND the rights of others
· Stand Proud…of who you are
· UnderStand – Be interested in others
· No “ByStanding” – Be active

Dan challenges people to define themselves and their values, and to set meaningful goals.  He uses his facilitation skills to make the sessions interactive and thought provoking, allowing people to do personal reflection and visualization. He gives tips that help people to create a vision for what they want and shows them how to creatively overcome obstacles, helping people to realize their potential.

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