January 26, 2011

Feisty Ann Evanston Is A Warrior-Preneur 2011-style!

For many of you who have been reading since 2007, Ann Evanston is a "House"-hold name.

We "met" via the web-world on a women's networking site and have been friends, support-mates, and cheering partners ever since. Ann was one of my first interviews. Her "Feistiness" sparked not only passion within myself, but across the social-media-sphere. It was featured in Exelle.Monster.com and let's just say, things catapulted from there and we have both been flying ever since!

Ann took a moment out off her extremely busy schedule, which includes coaching me!, to give us an update. I am certain you will be inspired!

House - Ann, tell us a bit about what 2010 was about for you and your business.

Ann -   Wow 2010 was a year of grounding. In 2007, when I decided I wanted to work more with entrepreneurs than corporate leaders, I had to radically change my focus and really get the word out. In 2010, that all settled in. No one asks “what do you do” anymore! They know! And with the rapid growth of the Social Networking Coaching Club (which had its 2 year anniversary in Oct 2010) I certified 2 new coaches!

House - What is Ann Evanston the "brand" about?

Ann-   The Ann brand is all about “Smart, Savvy and Sexy”. It’s about Leadership (knowing your PERSONAL power), Ownership (taking Responsibility) and Empowerment (getting the life you DESIRE). It’s all about watching others step into their voice, discover their REAL edge, even when they think they have I can typically find a greater depth and clarification to it!

House - How do you see  yourself and Warrior-Preneur.com impacting the social networking world in 2011?

Ann-  Warrior-Preneur impacting the SoMe world in 2011-I like that! I think the greatest impact will be these amazing new coaches certified to get the word out! See those of us in it for years, think EVERYBODY’s doing it - they are not. And the Warrior-Preneur message is special because it’s more than how to tweet, it’s about Education Based Marketing, it’s about relationship building, it’s about being a go-giver, it’s about a system, that when used, gets great results…warrior-style of course!

House - Tell us about your Tory Johnson "Spark & Hustle" connection.

Ann-  Networking created that connection! I believe in networking in person and online, and it really works! Speaking on her stage is an honor, one I don’t take lightly! Tory is a woman who has done and continues to do amazing things for women!

House - You are such a great motivator, and friend to women in particular, who are seeking to break out of either a rut, or stagnation in their lives. Why is this important?

Ann-  As a woman who has been through it all, abuse, neglect, name calling, being stereotyped, second guessing myself and coming out the other side…I want ALL women to know that.

House- Can you share any other news that we can be on the lookout for this upcoming year? 

Ann-  WELLLLLL…the AnnEvanston.com speaker site is relaunching. From 1997 to 2006 that is what I did traveled and spoke, all over the world. I stopped primarily because I wanted to be home and secondly because I met so many speakers that were NOT the same person off stage as on. It broke my spirit. About six months ago the stage kept calling, for my story, my wisdom, my feistiness! So we are bringing it back!

                                             all photos courtesy of Ann Evanston


Feisty Ann!!! You can follow her on Twitter @AnnEvanston  Facebook YouTube

You TOO Can be a Feisty Warrior-Preneur !!!!


Ann Evanston said...

Thanks Dwana for the interview all these years later! I hope women will join my in coming out from behind the sword and find all the world has to offer them!

Ann Evanston
Discover Your REAL Edge

Houseonahillorg said...

Ann, i am so honored to have you in my life - you are a super coach and and even better friend!!

~ Dwana

Louise said...

Grr posted a comment and lost it. Try again.

I have read the original interview a few times and it's so great to have this follow up. I am proud to say that I am one of those two coaches and I see great things ahead for the Social Networking Coaching Club and our team. I am so looking forward to helping women like me achieve success through such a great system. Here's to our success!
And Dwana - it's so good to get to know you also.
Louise Edington
Facing Fears For Freedom

Anonymous said...

Dawna, wonderful words of wisdom from Ann. True and I know because I'm a client too. And I know it works because I met you through Ann's Social Networking Coaching Club and had the pleasure of meeting you up close & in person when I visited your home town! Take a look at Ann's sites and what she has to offer. You and your business will never be the same (in all the best ways!).

Susan Berland

Houseonahillorg said...

@Louise thanks for commenting! As a Lifetime member, I am heading over to add you as my "friend"! I look forward to many exchanges and tips on how I might grow.

@Susan - I miss you!!!! Amazing what wonderful relationships you can find in social media!

Vicki Dello Joio said...

Thanks for this great update and your pertinent questions, Dwana. And Ann, you continue to amaze and inspire me. I especially love how consistently you walk your talk

Houseonahillorg said...


Ann just becomes more enigmatic and awe-inspiring!

Thanks for stopping in xoxox