January 14, 2011

Breakfast Chips? ... Well, Not Exactly!

                                   photo courtesy of  nuchylee & freedigitalphotos.net

SO, today's breakfast was a couple handfuls of PopChips. Wait, NO, I know, NOT the HEALTHIEST ensemble, but low in sugar, cholesterol, saturated fat and carbs(at least).

The healthy journey continues, but I'm writing today to help us all feel better about those sure-to-come instances where we're not making snazzy choices ALL the time. It's true that PopChips are WAAAY healthier than the average junk food, however, having it for breakfast, 4 fistfuls, well ... let's just say. I could have been smarter. BUT, I am not beating myself up.

I made the adjustment at lunch by having a salad (two fistfuls of lettuce, sprinkles of walnuts, avocado, with a very light Italian Dressing.) and a slice of bread (that had NO high-fructose corn syrup) followed by a tall glass of water!

AND I was FULL. I am STILL full. Quite frankly, now I need a nap ... so talk amongst yourselves ....

As always, feel free to let me know how things are going with you!

Tonight I will probably have pasta with lettuce and a light sauce/or dressing and will be sure to burn off at least 115 calories.

Let's go easy on ourselves, eat responsibly when you can, and if you fall, think fast and get right back on track!

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