October 15, 2010

Hips be gone and Heart be Healthy!

Almonds, walnuts and brazilian nuts in containers, close-up

The new rage in my household is GOING WITHOUT SUGAR!!!!

This is no easy task, but ALL of the research I have been reading lately confirms that while it TASTES great - sugar is NOT our friend. Repeat it until you are comfortable with it.

I know, it hurts. It JABS, but it is the only way to optimize your health. SUGAR BE GONE!

Researching this fact explained for me my huge distaste with high fructose corn syrup. The stuff is not THAT bad for you, but because manufacturers put it in everything we eat, it has become a detriment.

We should only consume a few grams of sugar each DAY. Not each time we eat. My goal everyday from now on is ZERO grams of sugar. Unfortunately that is impossible, but it is my goal and I've lost 10 pounds overall.

Checking labels is a way of life now, so pay particular care to the sodium intake and that of your sugar.

I am now a huge fan of consuming Chocolate Almond Milk in my coffee! YUM! It is healthy, good heart healthy fat and sugars coming from almonds and cocoa.

In comparing the ingredients of my typical non-dairy creamer versus almond milk I must say, I feel better about being able to EASILY pronounce each ingredient and feel comfortable ingesting them despite the difference in sodium and sugar.

Over the course of the rest of our day, my son and I eat vegetables and breads that are free of sugar.

Carbs convert into sugars, so we are happy with eating simply that. Good carbs of whole grain pastas, or for him lean, organic meats. No sugar, or sugar substitutes to "sweeten" anything. It is not in the bread I buy. I don't use it in oatmeal, tomato sauce, or on my cereal. Agave syrup is a staple in our home for lemonade and things that simple MUST be sweet - but overall - we are as anti-sugar as possible.

What have you been doing lately to clean up that colon and those arteries? Inquiring minds want to know, I've got 15 pounds to go!!

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