June 29, 2010

Vibrant Veggies

I think I may have finally entered the realm of VEGAN.

The past three years have been a transition.

However, I hung on to some omnivore thoughts and ways that have finally dissipated.

I no longer panic in situations without adequate v-fare.

Typically I eat before I venture out - but in those rare instances where I am at a steak and potatoes venue, I order a huge salad or vegetable soup. If one REALLY concentrates, you can be satisfied, you can be content in just about ANY situation.

I am teaching my kid the same pattern.

Eating is something we must do to survive, we put SO much emphasis on it. I do enjoy a good meal, good cooking and sharing the experience with loved company - but I have found so much peace in food that spazzing for any reason is no longer on my menu.

That also goes for making my lunch. I used to fret because I needed quick, easy ingredients for my lunch each day and tended to settle for pre-packaged omnivorous-like foods like veggie dogs, tofurkey or "NOT" chiken patties. IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME the sodium would give me an instant heart attack!

Thankfully, that phase is over and I have found, and you can too, that the "FRUIT" of our labors - or in my case - the fruit, and vegetables, of my friends and associates labor, is ALL I need.

I make extremely satisfying, and yummy, ALL veggie sandwiches sans the meat.

Today, I included a handful of slightly sautéed in grape-seed oil mushrooms, a handful of salad, two thick tomato slices, wasabi mayo, between two slices of thick bread (no sugar - low sodium). I had a handful of trail-mix - and for desert - an oatmeal, peanut butter sweetened with Agave syrup, granola, chocolate, blueberry syrup, blackstrap molasses bar that I made with ease.

This was a no-fuss, low sodium lunch that I felt really good about. Sustainable eating that tastes good - different - but good. I can't wait for tomorrow! My toast, almond butter, lettuce tomato sandwich will be as equally delish! It may sound curious - but after being vegan a while, you really appreciate the flavors of the earth. Unhampered and robust eating that you can be proud of! Dig in!



Laila said...

I've gone back and forth so much about vegan/vegetarian diets. I can't get over my craving for meat. I know it's a process. One meal at a time.

Houseonahillorg said...

Laila, thanks for stopping in! Yes! I love that ~ "One meal at a time" ~

Jodi said...

Excellent post!

I'm a long time vegetarian who eats about 98% vegan. I don't think I've ever been in a situation in a public restaurant where I couldn't find something on the menu to eat. I've found that most places are very accommodating, and are happy to swap out meat for vegetables or mushrooms.

Love your blog, by the way!

Houseonahillorg said...


Thanks for the warm accolades! I enjoyed your blog as well, so many fun and informative tips to living healthier!!!