April 7, 2010

WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair ~ "Stuck to you like glue"

Today a fellow blogger and legend is undergoing a procedure.

Susan of "Toddler Planet" had surgery today for a cancer recurrence. Her being a scientist inspired Jean of Stimeyland to inspire many of us into showing Susan just how much she means to us. Having been through cancer with loved ones and a friend or two or three, I can truly express that we must let those whose lives touch us, know that they matter. We are all dying every day, and our lives are simply given to us for the purpose of loving. In the end, it is all that matters.


Science is not my little guy's forte. As a matter of fact, he sucks at it. BUT, imagine what fun we had when we made glue, in honor of Susan.

Making glue has been a staple in middle school for a long while. I say LONG because I remember making glue to make masks! It has a bit of new meaning for me now. Reading up on the ingredients - Put plain white flour and water into a bowl. The amount is up to you, as it depends on how much glue you need for your project. because it is completely non-toxic.

Flour and water to the desired consistency - that's it that's all?? - Kiddo was amazed. The concoction sticky and his creations quite "stuck".

I pointed out that it is a good alternative when simply pasting pictures for collages or making unncomplicated projects - it was also a good opportunity to remind that we must consider every thing we touch, consume and ingest in these days and times - we just have no idea what is causing catastrophic cancer that is ravishing so many of us.

My teen nodded at me, there was a definite correlation and understanding in what we achieved here, and hopefully it will move him to engage others and push through until this battle/assault on all of us has been labeled as "cured".



Stimey said...

Fantastic! I think my kids would be thrilled by making paste this way!

Thanks so much for participating in the science fair.

Houseonahillorg said...

I am so moved and humbled by your loving support of a friend ... truly a blessing and I thank you for sharing with us all ... such a love-filled display ...