April 23, 2010

The Smooth Path To Green

To live a healthier, happier existence takes quite a bit of continuous education.

Reading that much might take up quality time, but on occasion, really helpful information will come across your path. Take the 5 minutes to write these valuable tips down, repeat ten times, or whatever it is you do in order to retain them.

This week I was educated on spirulina. It is a major ingredient in the smoothie I make each morning via Spiru-tein. Initially, I began using this powder, as opposed to the thousands of others on the market, because it actually tastes good. It does not clump or leave a weird after-taste which is a big plus in our household. There are many brands to choose from however, Whole Foods has their own brand, there's Barlean's Greens, Paradise Herbs, GMC brands, just to name a few.

My son enjoys them for breakfast claiming the taste is as good as if it were made at one of those spectacular franchise health-food establishments. While franchises are brilliant, saving the $8.00, or so, works out just fine for us, thank you.

But just to be clear, protein powders are NOT all the same.They must have ingredients with all of the proper nutrients.

While I have often raved about smoothies because of my love for my MAGIC BULLET ( yes, I am aware of what that sounds like - but it really is a great processor), and for the overall health benefit, I had never taken the time to dissect all of the wonderful additives certain food supplements offer, nor had I thoroughly examined for anti-cancer properties.

Once I examined, I learned that "GREEN" foods booster immunity by stimulating natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are likened to The Marines in your autoimmune system. They are your front line in battles with all foreign enemies. The iron and beta-carotene provided by greens are sources for gamma-linolenic acid and omega-6 fatty acids. Green foods are chock full of anti-oxidants (GOOD), vitamin C and E (GOOD) and have natural alkaline which reduce the body's acidity.

Having a too acidic body from indulging in high processed food diets can reduce your ability to retain calcium (BAD). Greens are overall important. They also have vitamin K. These properties fend off free radicals that attribute to cancer, heart disease and Alzheimers.

So, while I love cooking greens, I'd much rather drink them - especially as the weather warms.

Learning my smoothies are all that has brightened my day! I hope you find something on your path today that enlightens and encourages you on your healthy journey - if anything REALLY stands out, by all means implement it and then share it!


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