March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day ~ With Judy Levine!

Today is International Women's Day!

What better way to start than with an incredible woman who is making sure that we all GET IT!

Meet Judy Levine of You've Gotta Get It. She was kind enough to share a little bit of herself with us ~ Thanks JUDY!

House: Tell us a bit about Judy Levine?

Judy: My background is in operations, project management, product management, facility management and office management. Over the last year, I have worked on a consulting basis for a solar company, a digital marketing company and an internet start-up.  Prior to that, I worked for a global manufacturer and marketer of tools for the retail market.  Working for these companies, and especially over the last year, I reflect on the things that I learned.  One of the most important things was to understand the shades of gray in business.  With my operational background, I tended to look at business situations in a black and white fashion.  However, over the last year, my business skills have been expanded as I have been involved in business development, sales, marketing, and public relations. These combined experiences have allowed me to expand my thinking to use different tools in different situations while always placing the customer first.  Social media also became an outlet for the businesses that I was consulting for and unleashed my creative passion for helping companies and people deliver their message in a dynamic environment. I always had a passion for social media, and I wanted to explore ways to incorporate it with my new personal and professional goals.

House: When did you take the plunge into social media?

Judy: I took the plunge into social media in March 2009. A former colleague of mine told me about Mashable. As my interest and knowledge of social media grew, I began to realize there were so many benefits social media could bring an individual in their personal life as well as in their professional life. My brother needed to get the word out on his solar company. I found if I reached out to people on Twitter who were real estate agents and solar gurus; I was able to make connections for my brother. The best part… media was FREE, and it was generating business.

House: How has it enhanced your life?

Judy: Social media really was a turning point for me. I knew Twitter was gaining momentum, I loved interacting with people on Facebook, and the more I read on Mashable, the more interested I became. In July 2009, my brother’s girlfriend asked me to help her with growing You’ve Gotta Get It (YGGI). I had learned the key (and I stress KEY) goals of being successful in social media were to be able to form relationships, build trust and do NOT be a self promoter. I used Twitter to introduce myself to Chicagoland individuals and businesses. I treat people the way I want to be treated. Before I knew it, I had built a group of followers who were following @GetYourYGGI on Twitter and You’ve Gotta Get It on Facebook who wanted to interact with the person PLUS learn more of what You’ve Gotta Get It had to offer. They wanted to share what they liked about Chicago, and more importantly about themselves. For businesses, it was a way for You’ve Gotta Get It to help businesses grow in tough economic times.

House:What is You've Gotta Get It all about?

Judy: You’ve Gotta Get It is about enjoying Chicago “on a dime”. In today’s economy, people have cut back on how they spend their disposable income. They don’t go out to eat as often, they don’t shop as often, they don’t enjoy entertainment venues as often, and they don’t have extra money to spend on pampering themselves.
We offer our subscribers a way to be able to participate in all of those aspects at a fraction of the cost. In a nutshell, You’ve Gotta Get It is about what people want to do and experience. They view it on our website. They purchase the offer on our website. They print the certificate to redeem from an email we send. They enjoy everything our business partners have to offer, and then they share it with their friends, family members and loved ones.

House:What is the most exciting offer you've given

Judy: All of our offers are exciting. You’ve Gotta Get It has featured businesses in everything Chicago has to offer including remarkable restaurants, chic fashion boutiques, soothing salons and spas and dazzling entertainment venues. The most exciting offer is the opportunities for businesses to see growth as well as our subscribers have the opportunity to experience things they normally wouldn’t have tried and experienced.

House: What are your goals, what is in store for Judy in the next year?

Judy: My personal goals involve the continued drive to build my knowledge on social media and have the opportunity to build my network of contacts. I have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people who have enriched me and taught me so much. My business goals are to continue to drive business for You’ve Gotta Get It along with other companies who are interested in “wrapping their arms around” social media. I never thought in a million years I would be in the position to have such a wonderful opportunity to be able to help the growth and success of a start-up company.

House: How can we find you?

Judy: I’m everywhere. You can find me at Tweet-Ups which are networking opportunities for people to meet other people to develop personal and business relationships. You can also find me managing You’ve Gotta Get It’s Facebook account at and Twitter account at


So much fun talking with my friend Judy!!!

AND Super seeing women encourage women by being inspirational, uplifting, fun and sharing important information!

What are YOU doing to celebrate the WOMEN in YOUR life today!

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