March 23, 2010

Fun at the TOP!

elevated view of Chicago

Have you ever been to a TWEETUP?

What is a "Tweet Up" you may ask?

Well if you are familiar with Twitter you are aware that more than once "in a blue moon" people who talk incessantly at one another ALL day occasionally like to SEE one another and TALK incessantly for a few hours.

IT is SO much fun, I am finding. Even for the chronically shy, like me!

My first Twitter event left me so amazed at the comradery and awed by the true essence of friendship that can be found by tweeting up with twitter pals that I am beginning to make tweetups a habit!

I have since "Gotten my Groove Back" and have even hosted an event. AMAZING!

Last night, I had the grand fortune of attending a TwittFam social at the The Roof lounge atop The Wit Hotel in downtown Chicago.

Top area bloggers and social media extraordinaire came together under the genius of Sami Ari who blogs over at

He is fascinating and fun. Sami is genuine and truly special. You can follow his adventures here on twitter @SamiAri.

Thanks to all my TwittFam for a truly engaging and fun at the top evening!!


Sami said...

Thank you for your post. I love bringing people together so glad to have met you!

Houseonahillorg said...

I am so glad as well Sami!

I look forward to having fun together soon ~