March 14, 2010

Celebrate Law Day 2010!

Is anyone else gearing up for Law Day 2010?

What began in 1957 as a thought from American bar Association President Charles S. Rhyne has endured into the 21st century.

President Dwight Eisenhower established it in 1958 and Congress issued a joint resolution which designated May 1 as the official date of celebrating Law Day.

This is subsequently codified (U.S. Code, Title 36,Section 113).

Amazing! So now, each year, May 1st is the official date.

Incredibly, the American Bar Association encourages a community effort to bring attention to this important "holiday".

Their belief is that a concerted effort be made to bring Law Day from the classrooms to the public arena for all to learn and enjoy.

I think, that as we battle lawlessness, this year be an important tribute to recognize the importance of rules, laws and implementation.

Laws protect the public's interest.

Sure, there are some laws that need reexamining.

There are also subjects that we must continually address as new technology and issues arise.

Law Day 2010 should bring focus to the challenges our global family faces and how we can best serve one another, our safety and our common interests.

Visit for complete details on how you too can make May 1, 2010 a GREAT LAW DAY WORLDWIDE!

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