February 20, 2010

农历新年 Celebrating Chinese New Year!

l-r: Duong Sheahan, Connie Burke, Monique Brentley, Yanlin Sun

Tonight was a Chicagonista night.

l-r: MJ Tam, Duong Sheahan, Nancy Loo

These are ALWAYS wonderful events, no matter what we are doing! Even if we are simply supporting each other's kids!

Attending a dinner celebrating the Chinese New Year was only half the fun.

11 courses actually goes by quickly, and before you know it, your belly is full to the brim! There is always laughter with good friends, food, libations and incredible conversations.

Tonight with Nancy Loo, Duong Sheahan, Jen Luby, Hope Bertram, Connie Burke, Monique Brentley and Yanlin Sun there was fun and fabuloCity - Chicago Style!

Furama 2828 S. Wentworth hosted an enormously entertaining evening supporting a local school.

Nancy Loo MC'd and her dress was just TOO gorgeous!

Connie Burke, Monique Bentley and Yanlin Sun of GM made me laugh and try a square jelly thing that I am still wondering about!

AND when my cab failed to show, GM GALS, Connie & Monique, gave me a ride home in a brand new, sleek, 5 seater SRX Cadi 2010, with all the trimmings!

I never envisioned myself in such luxury ~ until now. I could totally see myself giving up my truck, lugging around boys and footballs, and replacing it with the style of this vehicle.

Yes, it was exquisite - but it was rugged and roomy too! I can't believe how impressed I was. The ride was smooth as a Cadi's should be, but I felt I could own one and not be dreaming ~ I think, I mean I could, right?

This is our time. U.S.A! I felt inspired! I was moved and felt assured quality was at my finger tips... TO BE CONTINUED



Tom said...


as you probably discovered in the Wikipedia article, the Mandarin phrase for "Happy New Year" is xin nian kuai le, which is pronounced "shin nyan kwy lay"

I was a first hand observer to the Chinese New Year when I lived in China in 2004 ...

absolutely the best fireworks that I've ever seen, and a whole lot of fun the entire week ....

Nancy Loo said...

Thank you for all your kind words. So glad you were able to join in the celebration.
Happy Year of the Tiger, my friend!
: )

Houseonahillorg said...

Tom, did I even write it right? LOL, Thanks for commenting!

Nancy, it was a great evening wasn't it? :-)

MJ Tam said...

Thank you so much for being there Dwana!!! Happy New Year!

Houseonahillorg said...

MJ, So super! Thank you!