January 25, 2010

Why I enjoyed the "Book of Eli"

As the mother of a son who has the Hebrew variation of the name Eli, and as someone who enjoys the Christian faith, I was particularly enthused taking my father and son to see The Book Of Eli, featuring Denzel Washington.

Yes me, who grew up with Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert on "A Different World" screaming "DENZEL, DENZEL, DENZEL!"

I can not think of ever being as moved in a movie as when in Glory, Denzel Washington's character Private Trip is beaten.

That scene gutted me.

Being a fan of Denzel Washington's since his St. Elsewhere days (yup, when he had that big part in his teeth) has been a LONG TIME!

But getting back to "The Book of Eli" ... let's get those cheeky advertisements (GMC & Motorola) out of the way - and onto the great script written by Gary Whitta and brilliantly directed by the Hughes Brothers, Albert and Allen.

Yes, it was saturated by the Christian views, but that was kind of a given.

It may encourage folks to learn a tad about the Prophet Eli/Elias/Eliyahu/IIyias - "Yahweh is God". He is clearly one of my favorite prophets and I read about him often.

My usual disclaimer is that I embrace all but, from time to time, I must share what is important to me.

I enjoyed the cloudy, frigid, sterile feel and Eli's warrior stance in the movie.

The crowd in the movie theatre often cheered out loud and clapped vigorously at the end. When was the last time that happened? For me, it was during and after Bejamin Button.

No spoilers here, but it is an enlightening film, an enjoyable film about faith, salvation, hope and spirit.

Executed quite nicely by The Hughes Brothers and Brother Denzel, and in my book, a must see.


Vérité Parlant is Nordette Adams said...

I thought it may be the first movie with an obvious "Christian" theme to be seen as a mainstream film in quite some time. I enjoyed it.

Houseonahillorg said...

You were right on with your recommendation, thanks again - your word prompted me to spend that cash!

Thanks for stopping in~