January 15, 2010

When to Reconnect

Recently I updated my profile on a social networking site to reflect an old job. At the time I was 18 or 19, in college, working various jobs to survive, and the demands of this position were particularly challenging. In the midst of my youth, I was acquiring life skills. At that particular time in my life it was harrowing, exciting, educating, and time consuming. I learned to change diapers too!

As in the case of most youthful experiences, something better came along and I quit.

I went back to the employment a few time through the years, and then lost track.

What prompted me to put that experience back on my curriculum vitae? I soul searched as to why I felt this was necessary to even mention, after all, this was over 20 years ago!

Ultimately, I decided that it was my first important learning experience. I learned how to set up and manage an office. I honed in on pleasing clients and a host of other media related skills. At the time, it seemed I was simply fodder in the spectrum of the business' needs, so I never garnered the experience as meaningful, until now.

Twenty years later, as maturity will have it, I have learned that all experiences are part of the journey. They are all valuable and golden. These experiences have lead me, and provided clarity all of the way to the top!

I reached out to my old boss. Do you think I will be remembered? Will it be a good exchange?

I am nervous because we never know how people perceive us, what we actually mean to them and how they interpret our relationships and interactions. Maybe the message will be ignored and maybe not.

How do you reach out on social networking sites? What prompts you to contact people from your past? Who do you seek? Ignore? Do you take the responses personally? I know, and realize, some folks just don't want to be found or dismiss certain portions of their history.

Trust me, I am thick-skinned when it comes to situations such as this seeing that I am still awaiting an "acceptance" on Face Book from my own kid! Actually, I was already advised that my request for friendship will continue to be ignored, but I am curious as to how many of you deal with this new-aged communication. No more messages in bottles!

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