January 20, 2010

All In A Day ~

In the colored people's community, Dr. Martin Luther King Day is a very big deal.

I can only speak for the colored community, but I am sure that non-colored communities are as festive as well. For us, it is a moment to pause, reflect, share the mission, honor the journey and propel the youngins - because, really, they have no idea.

The encounters my family has had with the horrors of inequality are really nothing in comparison with what my parents endured. Trying to indoctrinate my son can not do justice to the struggle. It is no longer tangible. It still lives, but in a different way.

Thankfully, my child sees the pain in some of the relived memories his grandparents often share with him. Usually, these come in the form of a story or recollection and never as a lesson which makes it more meaningful.

There were a plethora of activities all weekend in Chicago honoring Dr. King's legacy. We partook in a few and enjoyed them thoroughly.

I was lucky enough, at the invitation of our friend Miss Lori of Miss Lori's Campus and Delia McLaughlin of AON, to attend a night for the Arts and Diversity with the Chicago Sinfonietta at Orchestra Hall. It was an evening of thoughtful reflection by speakers of various corporations. The keynote, Dolores Kunda, founder, president, and CEO of Lapiz, the Hispanic division of Leo Burnett, one of the largest Hispanic advertising agencies in the U.S., was memorable for her humor, achievements, and relatability.

I did not eat too much of Sara Lee's cheesecake (provided as a donation to the event) but I did indulge in the incredible talent.

The night's music featured four Negro Spirituals and Ludwig Van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. We were awed by the 30 year old conductor, Kazem Abdullah, who shone spectacularly. He was accompanied by The Northwestern University Choir, Gwendolyn Brown, alto, Jonita Lattimore, soprano,Richard Drews, tenor, Bruce Hall, baritone and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre.

I was inspired by my ancestral triumphs and for the progress we have all made together. Simply glorious!

Walking away feeling good about me and you!


Jewish Treatment said...

I don't like peoples divide nation into two communities as Dr.Martin Luther King has done Colored and non-colored communities.....

Houseonahillorg said...

Jewish Treatment,

I disagree. Divisions have existed since the beginning of time. We human beings always find a way to point to differences. Until we cease the urge to finger-point, conflicts will continue all over the globe. I LOVE however, that we come together and always continue to strive and attempt to figure this out.

I am confident that we will get there and realize that love and acceptance of ALL who are different than we are, or think differently than we do, is the only way to true peace.

Thank you for commenting and for stopping in!