January 4, 2010

As the new year jumps off, {HELLO, it's already the 4th!} concentrate on the goals you put down as crucial for 2010.

We always want the best as the year begins, but as the months go by, our focus wanes and we do not pay as much attention to what we set out to accomplish.

This year should be different.

It is a new decade. We have each other at our fingertips all day long. If you need motivation or inspiration follow me on Twitter and let me know!

First thing we must recall each day when we rise: DRINK plenty of water.

If you live in a cold climate as I do, the heat we use to keep us warm dehydrates our bodies and our skin. Drinking water is an excellent tool to combat that. Using moisturizer, such as shea butter products, will help as well.

Secondly, keep moving. I knew that the holidays would be a challenge, but I made a commitment to stay in this game and keep the bulge at bay.

I have not yet purchased the elusive Wii system but utilizing my yoga and health dvd's worked just fine on the days my gym was closed.

The "Smoothie cleanse" is still in effect. It is day 5. I have run out of frozen mangoes and am on my last few cups of Spirulina so we'll have to see what I come up with. However,I am still feeling very light and hate to conclude the cleanse just yet.

Keep washing those hands. Studies have concluded that if you are like my household, no one gets vaccinated unless it is school regulation, washing your hands and nose is an excellent way to keeps you in good health. {KNOCK KNOCK} No one in my household has contracted anything since last April {H1N1}.

Finally, keep a good attitude. Even if you wake up not feeling it! Take whatever negativity you may have and toss it right out of the window. FEEL free to stage it.

Being a little wacky sometimes can lift any fog. With our technology, it is so easy to pull up a favorite video, cartoon, or scene just to get that quick laugh.

I remain a HUGE Spongebob fan. Yes, I am a "Goofy Goober" and whenever I need a lift, one or two episodes always do the trick!

If I fall into a funk in the middle of the day, two 600 milligrams of calcium and a vitamin D help,and switching on a favorite tune. I prefer Tyrese!

So, strap on some good cheer as we navigate this year.



Anonymous said...

Nice to find your lovely blog! I see we have a common interest in Chicago and healthy living, so thought I'd just say hi :)

Houseonahillorg said...

I am so glad you found your way here! Living and loving Chicago is great stuff, glad we can share in this wonderment ~ Lol, I enjoyed your blog as well, stop in anytime ...