December 16, 2009

Mmmm, its Ovaltine

Our friend Tom over at "To Hell - and Back" shared some interesting things about Ovaltine.

As a kid, I absolutely enjoyed immensely drinking my Ovaltine for breakfast.

As an adult, during those college years, sometimes it was all I consumed if the government issued cheese and rice was all gone.

Reading his little tidbit made me think about the yesteryears!

What fond memories do you recall?

What did you eat? Drink? Play?

On this cold winter's day, let's take a stroll and remember "when life was good, and oh so mellow" ... try to remember!

1 comment:

Tom said...


You should have seen my grin on Tuesday morning when I discovered that the local Jewel store carried Ovaltine, and in three different flavors!

I had a cup on Tuesday morning (it was REALLY GOOD) and I plan to have another cup for lunch today.

Soon to appear "at a theatre near you" will be a store about molasses ...