November 5, 2009

~を愛する 、松井 秀喜 - I LOVE MATSUI!

My YANKS are the champs of the world!

Hideki Matsui is Most Valuable Player of the series. His determination despite injury and his home runs make him my hero!

My love of the New York Yankees has spanned almost a decade. Sitting in April snow as they battled my White Sox will always be my a favorite memory.

Persevering, unwavering and focusing makes you the winner.

Going that extra mile when all else seems to tank.

Going the distance when there are nothing but obstacles in your way.

Maintaining your sense of honor and defeating in a world of cheats.

Baseball is a euphemism for life.

Yes, we use it to entertain, but in reality, it mimics what we are striving to do in our own lives.

We all want to overcome and taste victory. Often we get close, but not quite making the mark, can fly high for just one night, for a moment, above the clouds, touching the full moon on a chilled November night!


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