October 26, 2009

I hate fall ~

photo courtesy of Dawn Copeland

One reason I abhor fall is NO MORE TOMATOES!

Eating fresh tomatoes is a high for me.

I love slicing for sandwiches of rice and veggies or diced up in a tortilla with veggie cheese, beans and yellow rice.

I enjoy adding them to pastas, sauce or simply by themselves for a treat tapping out a dash of sea salt.

Frying up green tomatoes in a mixture of spicey bread crumbs with paprika, turmeric and season salt is delightful!

My favorite Veggie Tales hero is Bob!

Well farewell ~ Adieu

See you next year, I'll be missing you!


Tom said...

it's been years since I've had fried green tomatoes, and your recipe sounds better than the traditional combo of breadcrumbs and vegetable oil ..

it's also been a LONG time since I've had green tomato pie

some of my relatives still CAN tomatos

150 quarts of tomatoes can last a LONG time !!

Houseonahill said...


CANNING was an option but my eyes glazed over as my cousin spoke about the process!

Mmm, I think I will make lunch!