August 22, 2009

I support Caster Semenya and her right to be!

I have no idea what the commentators are saying in this video, I HOPE it is appropriate.

I have been upset and ranting for the past few hours because I can NOT believe the hype!!!

I am OUTRAGED and FURIOUS regarding the inquiries into this young woman's gender!!

I have been ranting on Twitter and have taken this to the BLOG world.

If a sistah doesn't have a weave down her back, does that make her a man?

There are so many issues playing into this controversy, I fear I may not have enough time.

It is the typical, racist, genderphobic, hypocrisy of our so-called civilized world.

If this young woman has identified as a female, what business is it of ours to question what her chromosome make up is?

Official or not. Racing or not. What federation or organization has the authority to tell you who you are?

Before we enter into the sports realm, are we now required to submit a gynecological exam, as one of my fellow Tweeters offered?!

Then bring into the fact that most of the modern world has an EXTREMELY different opinion as to what classifies as beauty and femininity.

99.9% of the time, it is not anyone black. Hell, even Dorothy Dandridge had to go through the back doors.

BUT, what has really made me snap is: Where is Al Sharpton? Jesse? Mandiba? Hell, where is Hillary?

Why should this young woman be subjected to the same hatred that caused Michael Jackson to change his face?

Where is the Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgendered community?

We do not know what the actual facts are, and dammit, we shouldn't.

She has been a female up to this point, so I beg everyone to look within. She is our daughter, our sister, our girlfriend, and our cousin.

I don't know why this has touched home for me as deeply as it has.

Her vulnerability maybe? The fact that I have not read anything in her support?

Shame on all of us. Or have Marion Jones, and the gargantuan list of cheaters made this sort of persecution even possible?


This is worse than allegations of misappropriations.

This attacks a young woman's self-esteem ~ as if the black woman has the world's permission to have any in the first place.

This all makes me sick and stinks of something more rotten than anything I have heard in a very long time.

Feel free to join me in supporting Caster Semenya's right to be HERE!

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