July 10, 2009

Let's Go Crazy!

My limited time here on this marvelous planet has afforded me the opportunity to honor favorites like James Earl Jones and Tyrese.

BUT I have never honored Prince!

In light of our loss of Michael Jackson, it occurred to me that no one should be taken for granted.

I have never honored Prince because his influence has been SO monumental for me. I've been unable to categorize my love because it has been SO great! It reaches further for me than MJ because I fell under his spell as an adolescent.

MJ LOVE occurred when I was 5, so by the time Prince came along, crooning "I Wanna Be Your Lover", it was a welcome like none other!

Nancy Pelosi has chosen to ignore MJ's genious with unfounded theories of pedophilia and misconduct; never commenting on those parents and their greed. Or on the hundreds if not thousands on felony probation that I see, who are unlawful and have sexual deviance, yet are allowed to walk our streets freely.

At any rate, I have chosen to contribute my thoughts about the remarkable and talented people and the love they have given us - leaving all of the other very human parts of folks to their private business.

NOT TRYING TO PUT ANYONE ELSE IN THE GRAVE. Merely honoring those who are due in the way that they should ~ without societal ringing the hypocritical bell.

Prince is important, especially to the black community, because he took sexuality and creativity to a higher level...just beyond where James Brown and Marvin Gaye left it, all the way to transnational hysteria.

Hearing my mother scream "Take that NAKED man down right this minute!!" resonates a certain satisfaction to a teen, now doesn't it??

PRINCE, known to lock himself in his studio, play all of the instruments and sing all of the vocals; "Sexy Dancer", "Purple Rain", we're not getting any younger BUT I will ALWAYS be "...In Your Hair"!

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