July 17, 2009

Blogher, Tide, Tim Gunn & my wardrobe!

Okay, let's face the music. This is not LIKELY to happen ~ BUT it could!

THAT said, I hope to be rocking a look on this order, simply because it's simple, cool, casual corporate and adapts to any of Chicago's tricky weather occurrences!

Just because our WONDERFUL Blogher.com conference is at the end of July, folks, let's remember, I just turned my heat off two weeks ago!

With promises of fun and Tim Gunn and Tide and laughter and learning - My hometown can produce whatever weather it may - we will still have a joyous event, come what may! I'm packed and ready are you??

{Thank you Banana Republic for the looks and for not suing me ~ Your stuff is always classy, sexy, cool}

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