June 14, 2009

PreBlogher Fun at Oz Park!

Many of you know about the recent death in my family.

There has been residual activity the past week. Lingering family members from out of town, placing my aunt in a rehabilitative home to transition her to assisted living and dealing with elderly parents who are really mourning their loss.

My father did everything with his big brother. They attended luncheons with their remaining classmates, family birthdays and a day-after-Christmas ball.

The two, as I may have mentioned, were only 12 months, almost to the day, apart.

Everyone said they were twins and one just merely gestated a bit longer.

This is going to be hard.

WOW, I was only meaning to say that I have been playing catch up. My sister just left to return to California, my cousin, whose father it was, remains attempting to deal with all of this madness, my laundry has piled sky high and I have not had a moment's rest ~ BUT I was determined to make it to the Pre-Blogher event!

I was late but I made it. I enjoyed, I ate, I laughed and had one heck of a great conversation with Miss Lori.

Jamie's effort is most appreciated. She is as lovely as she is delightful and the afternoon was the perfect setting for an event.

Most of you know how technically challenged I am, and therefore I do not have a flicker account to share the photos, so I am posting them here!

Enjoy. I did, and hope we all get together soon ~ hopefully I will have my life in order and I will be on time -


Jamie said...

It was wonderful meeting you. I'm so glad you made it out :)

Houseonahill said...

What an awesome day! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Thanks Jamie!