June 20, 2009

Freedom & Peace in Iran

The images coming from Iran are heartbreaking ~ No justice, No peace - We ARE watching and will not rest until there is freedom.

There is a lot whirling about in my head regarding this after reading many people's words on various social networking sites.

I do not agree with the senseless murders of the protesters, nor do I agree with their calls of "Death" to the dictator.

Murder for the sake of justice is pointless.

The Dictators can be exiled.

Watching that young woman die on the street as if she was not even an animal calls for justice in the name of peace.

We must all help each other to find peace.

The United States can not be expected to step in but we as citizens of the world do have a collective voice.

Government intrusion is what went wrong in Iraq. We must encourage our fellow brothers and sisters to find a way to live peacefully.

There is no longer room for dictators and regimes. Power belongs to the people.

One Love.

We are with you please be safe.

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