April 20, 2009


Seriously, this past week has been incredible! A BIG THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT to Michelle Pfennighaus FINDYOURBALANCEHEALTH, Jessica Espinoza and Christine Rabel MARYKAY!!!

Healthier Happier You has never been Healthier or Happier, thanks to their contributions!!

I know that many of us have been stricken by this bug going around the country and their inputs, recipes, healthy dispositions and support clearly healed me of mine.

You should really follow Michelle and Christine on Twitter! It is a joy and honor.

As I gear up for Earth Day ~ April 22, 2009 I would love to encourage everyone to check out the government site Earth Day.Gov

Chicago sponsored several campaigns this weekend. My family cleaned a Lakefront Park and enjoyed all of the downtown fun!

What did you guys do? Share your Earth Day Plans! Go Earth! Go US!

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