April 12, 2009

Happy Easter ~ Be Your Healthiest and Happiest with Christine Rabel!!!!

How do you, in this economy, balance entrepreneurship, family, and beauty?

Some say its MaryKay Products.

After meeting Christine Rabel, it becomes evident that there are still wonderful, good, conscientious, loving people with products that can both enhance your life, bring you funding and spread to you joy and love.

Christine Rabel was nice and accommodating enough to share herself and her line with us!

Thank You Christine!!! My ray of sunshine ~


Christine, You have such a bright and sunny disposition. What do you attribute that to?

I’m so glad you asked me that…that one’s an easy one to start with! We are honored at Mary Kay to have our priorities in order…Faith, Family, then Career…and Mary Kay endorses that philosophy 100%!

When your priorities are in order, everything falls into place. THAT makes me happy!

If there is one thing you could share with us about who you are, what would it be?

I’m not certain that I can relay just ONE thing (we women are so diverse, and wear so many hats!), but I CAN tell you that I love what I do so much, I would do it for free, if I could! Happily, our product is so fabulous, and prices so fantastic, I can make a terrific income, in much less than a 40 hour week, which leaves the time that I need to make my family remember who I am; the mom who can make the softball games and the cookies and go on field trips, AND pick them up from school when they are really sick, without worrying about someone taking my job while I’m gone.

How did you come to Mary Kay?

One of my friends from high school introduced me! She became my consultant, and after a fashion, my Director! I am embarrassed to tell you, it took me several years before I jumped into this opportunity, and I know you should never look back, but oh how I wish I had started THEN, instead of six years later!

In your opinion, what are 5 of the best things about Mary Kay products?

1) Money-back guarantee.

2) You GET THE RESULTS, and if not, refer to #1 in this list!

3) You get free consultation with a person specially trained to help you look your best, 24/7, and with our own web sites, shopping on-line is extremely convenient.

4) You get special services and gifts that you could only expect from a very high-end company, and they are also free!

5) I give free delivery/shipping, and free gift wrap with my orders, any time of year!

What are the 5 best things about working for Mary Kay?

Only five..? Okay…

1) You get to make a 50% mark-up on your sales, with no middle-man…in other words, YOU are the owner of your business, and you purchase DIRECTLY from Mary Kay, with no money given to anyone but you! And the tax write-offs that come with this home-based business are phenomenal!

2) You can move into "management" anytime you wish…you can choose when you want to move up, by your sharing the opportunity with others, and your wholesale purchasing for products to sell to your customers. You can start making anywhere from 4-13% on your recruits’ wholesale purchases, too…before you even get into management! Once you become a Director (what we call management), you will make 13% on your recruits’ recruits, and 26% on your PERSONAL recruits, PLUS bonuses of $50 per qualified recruit! It gets better as you go up the ladder of success, and all of these percentages and bonuses are directly from the company, not your recruits…that was important to me.

3)FREE CARS and Flexibility~ You can start with free cars before you even achieve Directorship, if that’s what you need. There are lots of new ones to choose from, but of course, everyone loves the allure of the Pink Cadillac, and as you move into the position of National Sales Director, the options on the Cadillac are incredible! (I think the CTS is fabulous!) And there is not an 8-5 work week, you work as often as you wish, and move your schedule around to suit YOU. You are the boss! I like to work AROUND my family, so that I can be with them when it’s important.

4) Personal Growth. I used to think this was just a catch-phrase, but I have to tell you, self-esteem is a learned thing, and very easily pulled out from under you over time. Having the support system that we do in Mary Kay, you cannot help but rise to the top, and, from my own experience, you have to HAVE self -esteem to TEACH it to your children. I have two beautiful, delightful girls, and they have grown up with the Mary Kay spirit of giving and love, and because of it, rise above a lot of the social dynamics that occur in school, and in life. I have learned how to best relate to different personality types (free training with your Mary Kay Director/Mentor!), so that I can give my best, and in turn, receive the best out of each person I am blessed to come across.

5) Recognition, and prizes! This is done not by some random drawing, but by your own work to achieve them…and there are LOTS of ways to rise to the top! The recognition of a job well done, no matter if you think it’s small, brings lots of women back again and again…when was the last time someone stood up and applauded you for that spectacular dinner you made? Or for the ultimately shiny kitchen floor..? (You know what I mean. ) AND you will start achieving goals that will put you into gifts and prizes not only from you Director, but from the company, too! We receive GREAT gifts from Mary Kay, just for doing our jobs…something that I would truly do for free; enriching women’s lives. I also learned something about myself...apparently, I will work for jewelry!

You seem to genuinely love people, how do you find the time to love your family and everyone you touch?

I appreciate you for saying that! EVERY woman deserves love, respect and opportunity. I have been given what I consider "a gift", and that is the ability to share something that can absolutely change your life for he better. I DO love people; everyone has their own special gift, and I relish the chance to discover what it is, and help them to use that gift to make them successful and happy, no matter WHAT they choose in their lives. My family means the world to me, and because I am so pleased with all of the help I can offer others, it enables me to bring more joy to them!

What keeps you centered?

Keeping my priorities as I said earlier...Faith, Family, then Career.

What are your best calming techniques?

Prayer/Meditation, and remembering those who love me.

If you had advice for someone on how to be healthier and happier, what would it be?

The happiness factor is in each of us; I've had plenty of reasons to have a distaste for this world, but having a sincere "attitude of gratitude" has made me remember that I am blessed (and so are you!), and that I am in a position to HELP others... that ability to let go of bad things, and bring joy into my life, has made me happier and infinitely healthier!

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In Mary Kay, they teach us to "Dream Big". You know what? We only hold ourselves back in this life...Mary Kay said, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it." You can reach any goal, if you are willing to work for it. I decided recently that I will be a National Sales Director...and if not within the next 5 years, then soon after. Even if you don't make the goal in your desired timeline, you don't change the goal...only the date. Because you have real power here, and I would be honored to help anyone to reach THEIR goal who is willing to try!

Christine Rabel
Get the best product and service 24/7 !
(Save time, save gas, save effort, save money!)
Driven to Enrich Women's Lives...what may I do for YOU?


Kristen Lauter said...

Christine, it was such a pleasure meeting you on the mutual network site. I have to say that I've never met someone with such an outgoing, friendly and conscientious personality. You brighten up any room and certainly aim to make sure others feel good. I've been introduced to Mary Kay through Christine, and was so excited to play around with the virtual makeover tool they have online! Thank you for my products Christine, I am thrilled with them!

Kristen Lauter
Founder of Holistic Healers Academy
Certified Life Coach
Co-Author of Power of Mentorship: The Mastermind Group with Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond, Paul Martinelli, John DeMartini

Christine Rabel said...

Thank you, Kristen! I am so pleased that you are truly enjoying your products...but you glow from the inside, anyway! Thank you for leaving a commewnt here, Dwana told me I could comment back!

Anonymous said...

Christine is truly a social networking GEM because she gets it! And I believe it will come back to her 10fold!

Ann Evanston
the Warrior is Within You

Houseonahill said...

@aevanston, so true! She,like you, is so full of light. Us normal beings just have to be in its presence. It is my duty to joyfully pass it around~

jfvalrico said...

I felt like I was sitting across from you having coffee! I really love the new colors, especially the Bahama Blue eye pencil and the eye color palette. My slick black compact looks nice too! Great seeing the fruits of your networking. I'm proud of you for doing something culturally different, breaking into social networking. I'm sure your initial critics are happy with your results. You had a belief in yourself and put fear aside. Kudos Chris, my very dear friend :)

Christine Rabel said...

I am so overwhelmingly thrilled! I hope I can do justice to all of the accolades~ thank you, Ann, for giving me that intiatial "kick in the rear" to get started with Social Media...this never would have been possible without your encouragement. Thank you "jf"...you are the one who convinced me that I could, and a great big THANK YOU to Dwana...you make me look like a rock star, baby! I will never be able to thank you enough~ I hope that I can help someone else take the step to bigger, better things!

Cindy Leimkuehler said...

Christine is an amazing woman! She has excellent ideas on improving and taking care of yourself and is willing to share with everyone. If you need anything Mary Kay, order it from Christine, she goes that extra mile to make sure you are taken care of!
I love you Christine!
Cindy Leimkuehler

Theresa Wagoner said...

I know Chris (Christine Rabel) personally, Her daughter and my daughter are very good friends. When I first met her I thought "Wow! Is this lady for real?" It had been forever since I had met a "real" person. Someone who she is in front of you and is the same every time, everywhere no matter what is going on in her life. Chris has opened her heart up to me and my family and renewed my faith in people. She really is as wonderful and caring as she first appears. She is the "real deal". When Chris is talking to you and telling you she cares it is because she really does care. She might not know you from Adam's house cat, but that lady will go home and say a prayer for you, and will remember your needs that you may have shared with her during your consultation. This page is no where large enough to talk in depth of Christine's great qualities. She is in a few words, remarkable, astonishing, reliable, and trustworthy. And "trustworthy" is not a word I pin on every body. She is a friend, not only a Mary Kay Rep. Mary Kay has struck gold in having Christine, I know they recognize that.

Audrey said...

What can I say about Christine Rabel...she is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Always has a kind word and makes you feel good about yourself. Whenever I need something, she is right there. Couldn't ask for a better friend let alone a Mary Kay rep. Thanks for being you, Christine!!! Audrey

Houseonahill said...

THANK YOU LADIES for your recent comments about Christine!!!

I know her even better since we did this interview and I can attest that what you say is absolutely true of her ~ we are experiencing a miracle!

Best to you all - and I can't wait to tell her!!!

Michelle Pelaez said...

Christine is everything that a Mary Kay rep should be, plus LOTS more. She knows what will work well for me better than I do myself. Her tips and tricks are well worth their weight in gold. I feel like I am set for beauty as long as Christine is near.

Christine Rabel said...

Many thanks again, Dwana... you are a priceless gem to allow me this venue. I hope everyone realizes how truly precious you are! Hoping you are feeling the love I'm sending, and the gratitude, too.

Houseonahillorg said...

Feeling the love! Thanks Christine ~ May all your Holidays be BRIGHT!

Much much love ~