March 14, 2009


Star Student and Victim #28 of terrorist shootings

Okay, now back to that thought on prosecuting gang members as terrorists.

Why don't jurisdictions charge gang activities as terrorist acts? Are there any jurisdictions that charge gangs as terrorists? Hmmm, I could not find any!


ANDERSON COOPER Twittered this and reactivated my anger!

I'm angry because the economy is in the tank yet legislators continue to pass laws that allow undocumented persons to commit felonies and remain on the streets free and clear without deportation. Anyone else who commits crimes of these magnitudes are incarcerated for life, if they are caught.

These offenders coupled with homemade gangs makes for a lethal combination. They are terrorists committing crimes against the community. They are holding entire towns and vast neighborhood blocks all over the country hostage. That sounds like a terrorist to me. Infiltrating urban neighborhoods and rural towns supplying them with weaponry and drugs.

What is the difference between "drug cartel" and "terrorist"?

Our society has immediate access to the statistics but we don't want to offend one another or maybe we just really do not care.

But it really goes something like this: pot/cocaine makers/gun suppliers(drug cartels) + U.S.gangs = addicted and murdered communities.

All I am paid to do is listen and refer felons to treatment facilities to rehabilitation, job training, or anything else needed. Hey, its just tax dollars. We as voters have signed up and have decided this is all we want the government to do. Play nice, and coddle felons who rape, terrify, shoot, maim, addict and kill innocent citizens. Well, at least they know we are polite. Naughty, naughty until someone innocent you know is gunned down.

This epidemic affects every culture, but there has to be a division among readmission to a society that you have a binding legal obligation to be a part of in contrast to one that you committed a crime to become a part of and then continue to commit crimes against.

The Black terrorists shooting the Latino terrorists, shooting the Polish terrorists, shooting the Vietnamese terrorists...the list goes on and on slapping every ethnic combination and I ask you, where does it end??

I hope we all wake up soon and advise our legislators that we want safe communities and we want them NOW! Stop our open border policy. Homemade gangs are getting drugs and weapons how? Why, shipments of course. These assassinations are all about the money, honey. So accordingly, we are all just collateral damage, right??

Check out this site if you want the truth about what neighborhood terrorists do. And then check out here if you want to know where when and why.

AND finally read this ~ it is The World Health Organization's latest it,weep...

And then contact those folks you voted for to facilitate changing this murder count today. We all deserve to live in healthier, happier environments across the globe, but it starts at home...

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