March 26, 2009

The United States of Mexico?

How do you see our relationship with Mexico? My view is pretty tainted because on a daily basis I supervise undocumented felons who have committed heinous crimes against society and are serving sentences on the streets at tax payer expense.

I refer the offenders to DUI treatment, sex abuse treatment, domestic abuse treatment, parenting classes and I refer them to any and all types of counseling to better any anti-social behavior.

No, undocumented felons are not being deported for many crimes at this time. Sorry to squelch your secure bubbles, but there are hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of undocumented felons who are not being removed, but are being treated and re-released back into your communities.

It is almost impossible to track this overwhelming reality because technically these offenders do not exist. They are using alias and many of our dates of births and social security numbers.

I am trying to learn more about everyone's immigration policies. It appears that the laws are ignored to such an extent that though they exist, they are not being heard in local jurisdictions. How are felons handled where you live?

I realize that we are a country of immigrants, but I also so firmly believe that it is so important to go through the process to learn, to assimilate, to make a conscious decision to properly invest oneself, and to make the decision to live here in the United States a good and prosperous one for all involved.

I really appreciated this video because it outlines what both countries see as problems and what both countries plans are in an organized comprehensive discussion.

Outlining the goodness of our relationship and tackling the bad.

While I hold plenty of what is wrong with the United States right now, especially the terrorism we are experiencing on our streets, as the Mexican government's responsibility...the U.S. holds a responsibility as well for allowing the borders to be open and unmanned; a mass illegal entry to cheapen labor and to allow guns and drugs onto the streets. What I can not fathom though is why.

Who benefited? What was the catch? Why allow open borders for Mexico but not Cuba or Haiti?

There are so many things to share and learn from one another globally. There are also so many differences and cultural idealisms that conflict with what we as Americans hold dear. In my opinion, only implementing a global agenda would solve many of these problems. From what I have seen, many of these issues that we are facing are really based on poverty and ignorance and greed.

Many of the offenders I encounter have only 8 years of education. If there is a global mandate for higher education would that somehow counteract crime? If more young men were educated, would they maybe chose alternative ways to get more money, more things and more power?

Because Mexico is our closest neighbor, have we allowed and tolerated more than we have with other countries with high immigration rates? What are the highest immigrating countries? We have incorporated the Spanish language as our own, to accommodate the masses, in so many instances. We have labeled the killers the "drug cartel" so as to not offend our neighbors when these acts are clearly terrorist.

Now, as the violence has overtaken our own street gangs and caused warring in urban areas, what should we be doing?

Do you support a global education to uplift communities that are breeding these terrorists? Do you have any suggestions that might not have been touched on?

Remember dialogue breeds action and action breeds power and power births change!


Tom said...

This one is a complicated topic

in its simplest form, the nature of the issue is that nature abhors a vacuum ..

as long as living conditions, and job opportunities, are better north of the border with Mexico, there WILL be an influx of folks from south of the border . .

it's far from a recent problem, since our government instituted a program called "operation wetback" during the Eisenhower administration:

NAFTA should (eventually) provide a solution, since it will lead to better living conditions in Mexico , which will reduce the need for our southern neighbors to move to the north ..

it's also instructive to remember that large parts of
America (until the 1850's ) were actually part of Mexico

Houseonahill said...

"Operation wetback"??? Tom, this is very valuable, thank you!!!!!

Seriously...of course I knew we were once all one land but the link provided some great stuff so thanks...I still feel weird though ♥