March 18, 2009

In the name of Love...

Of course, probably like many of you, I have been seriously contemplating if there really is a cure to our homemade problems with gang violence and my thinking of charging, and treating them as terrorists.

I read some one's commentary who stated that all of this is simply human nature.

That is a lot of commentary posted up there in that link, but it proved valuable to me because, while I do not profess to know the solution, I WANT IT TO STOP NOW!

I can only point out some of the problems that I see.

I was ecstatic to see my State Senator Dick Durbin communicating about what the state of the drug cartel operations are right now. YOU CAN READ THAT HERE

What are the threats in your community? Have the overwhelming weapons and drug trafficking hit your areas? If they have not, what are your communities doing to prevent them? How do you see urban areas solving this grave epidemic?

I have begun a dialogue with my legislators. They are quite busy cleaning up corruption, of which I am certain this is also attributed to, but I have faith that next summer our kids can go out and play. I have faith that next summer people will be able to walk to their neighborhood grocer without being gunned down by untrained assassins.

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