February 16, 2009


I am still researching what is exactly in the stimulus.

I am now at the juncture in my life where, like my parents before me, I exclaim at my child, "Whaaaat the H*** are you listening to????" "It sounds like "Manure".

Thankfully, I am still at the juncture in my life, where even if I don't like it, I check it out and am still pleasantly surprised (with no ego) if I need to change my view.

Watching the Grammys last week as this pregnant bumble bee stomped and stammered into the microphone, I had no idea that I would later be writing about how I now think she is a powerful voice as to why the stimulus should support the arts.

For one thing, women around the globe have a right to be educated about their options, their right to a voice and their right to be free.

Some are labeling Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam a.k.a M.I.A. a terrorist supporter, but in the current climate we are living in, that label could mean just about anything.

What she has done, for me, is bring to light international conversation that reminded me that what American's do is influence the globe.

We, as Americans, are so monophonic that it is embarassing. We do not encourage international discussion until much later in life while the rest of the globe learns about us throughout their lives.

Conservatives let us think that our input to the world is servitiude and that we should let everyone fend for themselves unless we decide we want something and then we should use "defense" to obtain it.

In the meantime, we should be afraid of everyone who doesn't look, think or act like us, don't ask questions and definitely don't learn.

Listen to how hip hop influenced this Sri Lankan's life and voice.

We need to be so careful of illusions. I am now an M.I.A fan! While I must continue to educate myself on her politics, I must say, giving Sri Lanka another thought would have been naught without her bringing voice to the plight there.

Congrats to her, her fiance and her new son. May he grow in peace and prosperity in a free and educated world.

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