February 13, 2009

Healthy Heart Equals a Healthier, Happier You!!!!

Studies show that folks of color have a higher incidence of heart disease.

I would venture to say that our overall propensity to have lower incomes, less availability to quality healthcare and education and our diet that stems from a history of making do with scraps from the "Big House" are all culprits.

Growing up I had no idea the history behind our wonderful but deadly diet.

Our holiday meals, and everyday meals were centered around staples like rice and beans with pig feet, oxtails, neckbones, greens, cornbread, blackeyed peas, ribs...

Okay, it all sounds so good that I must stop before I get myself in trouble!

For years (at least 13) I have been on an adventure toward healthier living. Thankfully my immediate family and I have altered our menus to reflect heart conscious intakes. I hope that all of us, regardless of our race, will! If you have not already done so, please consider today!

You can start with just removing one bad thing from your diet...fast food is always a great start. Then move to eliminating things that are made with things you can not pronounce. Then eliminate something else, like dairy or only eat organic meats. Experiment with different heat soluble oils...visit JOSE CRUISE.

I have been completely vegan six months now and I adore it! I have never felt as energetic or clear.

This winter was particularly hard on my mental state, as I need light and air to reach my optimum energy, but I came through this winter with not one cold. I may have had a fever or two but I was never in full blown cold nor was my active sport enthused kid.

This is quite a feat seeing as though the population I work with has, on any given day, exposed me to HIV, Mercer, flu, and Tuberculosis, and my kid is a typical nasty teen.

I hate to be on my own soap box, but I can not say enough that we are definitely what we eat.

Having had not one piece of bacon (mmmmm) or drizzle of chicken soup, not one egg, glass of milk or piece of fish and I feel as if I could go toe to toe with Dwight Howard, speaks volumes!

Enough ranting. Vegans are not weird just concerned for themselves and all beings around them and with that brings a certain peace.

How attainable is it??

It is so easy. Sample of a days menu: A.M.* cup of oatmeal drizzled with agava syrup
mid-am snack * handful of nuts
lunch * faux chicken patty on sugar free
dairy free bun with vegan salad
dressing, relish, onion, tomato, mustard
dinner * veggie chili dog on vegan bun
with sweet potato fries smothered in
warm avocado oil

It really is easy, and in light of the peanut scare, I simply want to stress eating vegan, parve, kosher or halal. Check out our friend Gina's blog too. She is so much fun and her recipes are easy.

Here are the stats from the American Heart Association:

Heart Disease and Stroke Facts about African-American Women

African-Americans are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases than Caucasians. The prevalence of these diseases in non-Hispanic black females is 49 percent, compared to 35 percent in non-Hispanic white females.

African-American males and females have higher death rates from heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases than white males and females.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke. The rate of high blood pressure for non-Hispanic black females age 20 and older is 46.6 percent.

The risk of heart disease and stroke increases with physical inactivity. Physical inactivity is more prevalent in women, African-Americans and Hispanics. For African-American females age 18 and older, 33.9 percent are inactive, compared to 21.6 percent of white females.

Among non-Hispanic black females ages 20 and older, 79.6 percent are overweight and obese.

Of people 18 and older, 17.3 percent of non-Hispanic black females smoke, putting themselves at increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Source: American Heart Association Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2008 Update

For additional information contact American Heart Association at (888) MY-HEART (694 –3278) or visit AmericanHeart.org.


I LOVE MY HEART AND I LOVE YOU! Let's be each other's VALENTINE and support one another today in healthier, happier living ~

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