January 16, 2009

Tuesday at noon...

As we say "Goodbye" and good riddance to President George W. Bush, trust me when I say that I do NOT have a heavy heart.

When President Bill Clinton handed over the reigns to George W. Bush, we were still a nation of promise. (Presidential sex-scandal/balanced budget/surplus/jobs versus Presidential Axis of Evil & weapons of Mass Desruction)

Remnants of President Clinton's Second Inaugural Speech were still lingering in our lobes. I was hanging onto every word that January 20th back in 1997. President Clinton had painted a vision whereas we would globally be crossing "A bridge wide enough and strong enough for every American to cross over to a blessed land of new promise."

In 8 years President George W. Bush managed to systematically remove every brick of that bridge. And for those of us who fell into the icy abyss, well, he let us drown. For those of us who fought, we were killed. And if anyone had picked up a penny or two, well, were were raped, pillaged and robbed.

I attempted to watch President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush on Larry King. President Bush had such a look of humility that I almost cared. But when asked if they had taken President Barack Obama's criticisms personally, the First lady said that she had, and she was a bit ruffled.

I realize that she loves him, but for some of us, it is just so hard to care.

CNN summed it up on Anderson Cooper 360 when, I believe it was David Gergen, stated that he had no idea what glasses they were looking through but that the rest of the globe was clearly looking through something else.

The election was stolen. I will never accept that George Bush was ever legally our President. I just won't. I have never, in 8 years, listened to one speech or news briefing, even as he stood on the smoldering ashes, with firefighters, on Ground Zero.

George Bush just doesn't get it. He never will.

Had he been an honest man, this country was in a position to catapult into a new era of prosperity. That "bubble" may not have burst had we been left to our path and not spending 10 billion dollars a day on two wars.

Had we continued to be pursuers of peace, we could have quietly dealt with Bin Laden somehow and continued our mission of peace in the Arab world.

I am still amazed that George Bush is leaving this position without having been tried as a war criminal.

I will not be sad to see him slither to his gated Texas community where he can live out the remainder of his years as a talking head.

He is threatening to write a memoir. PLEASE spare us. We have Dr. Seuss, we don't need anymore rhymes with no reason.

Tuesday at noon can not come soon enough.

As we say in my community when someone unfavorable leaves a scene...don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya...

Adios, Au revoir, buh-bye, has ta la vista, siyanara, and don't you come back no more...hit it Jack, ciao, farewell, good night!

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