January 28, 2009


for this intrusion into an already posted day, BUT this was in our local paper and it made me laugh!


Apparently Washington had a bit of an ice-storm and the city shut-down leaving our new President a bit beleaguered. You see, Chicago NEVER shuts down.

I have been at the TASTE of Chicago when a wall cloud hit the SEARS TOWER, and Chicago did not shut-down. 30 below, bring it on!

The last time we shut down was when City Hall flooded, and heck, I think they still conducted business at the Harold Washington Library, so please understand, President was not being snippy, just a bit perturbed.

Chicago is a city that works, albeit crookedly sometimes, but it does not ever close...and it sounds like Chicago has come to Washington, work ethic and all.

Speaking of WASHINGTON, I REALLY hope that the GOP stifle their buttoned up agendas and give the stimulus package a chance. I can not stress enough that we need to call the WHITE HOUSE in support of the package as it is, WITH the FAMILY PLANNING STATE OPTION, and all the other bells and whistles.

It is really becoming apparent the GOP would feel better supporting a war or conflict, or some secret organization who will provide jobs and line a few of their pockets, than to invest directly into the population.

We NEED this IV feeding into the veins directly, uninterrupted by their tactics, nurturing our minds and ideas!

The proposed agenda ensures a promise so that our children can get the education that many parents are paying for right now instead of paying their mortgages. This is not "burying our children and grand-children" as Representative Boehner suggests. This is giving them the tools they need to prosper, honestly, these guys are really laying the bacon grease on thick ~ give it up guys! This time, everyone is getting a piece, not just the rich and the wonderful!

The GOP is SO short-sighted that I feel that they are gagging us into more years of the scare-rhetoric and tight-lipped conservatism. Education - education - education!!!

Be it in the arts, family planning, or be it in the school system fund it now! 8 years of no funding is producing more scared, short-sighted, people who can not interact with the globe ~ or worse, it is producing people who simply are disfunctional and anti-social from lack of well-rounded learning.

CALL TODAY *** 202-456-1111

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