January 29, 2009

Oprah, Obama, Blogie and the pips~

Okay, is this a first? Triple POST today?

Our friend Tom Brennan shared this today, and it is timely so I wanted to add it to the mixture of today's posts!

It is a HAPPY birthday to Oprah. But as I sit to write this, our Governor Rod Blagojevich has been removed from office in the impeachment process, also worthy of commentary!

So, first things first ~

contributed by Tom Brennan,

Born: Oprah Gail Winfrey

29th January 1954 Mississippi, United States

Known For : American television presenter, media mogul with her internationally-syndicated talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, a magazine publisher.

She has been ranked the richest African American of the 20th century.

Last year during the Presidential elections and earlier during the Democratic primary race many think she delivered over a million votes for Barack Obama through her support and some call her one of the most influential woman in the world.

All this is far from her humble beginnings in rural Mississippi where she was raped as a young girl and was pregnant by the time she was 14.

Her wealth is estimated at over 2 billion dollars which she has amassed due to her hard work and strong business skills to make her one of the richest women in the world.

Now that she is 55, she can qualify for the senior discount at Denny's !


Thanks, Tom, I just was so tickled thinking of Oprah eating at Denny's!!

Thinking about Denny's made me think about dining with the average family. That made me think about the average Illinoisan, which made me think about what happened today.

We the people were not privy as to what is being said on those tapes.

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich is just an average Joe. Like Joe the Plumber, Like Dubya and like many of us. I can't help but feel hypocritical. When I think too hard about mankind and our frailties, I become discouraged by our processes.

Some of our elected official have the education of fleas. I know my own senator, wow, be careful when you move out of one district into another! How did some of these folks get elected?? I really question legislators who are about as smart as me, running things. And trust me, I am NOT smart! Some of the senators butchered the Kings English today at the impeachment hearing, some could barely speak English and reading the bios of others, well, I stand here confused.

People may not chose public service because there is not one single chance, unless you are corrupt, to make ends meet. Some may chose to serve because being charming is about all they can do. Then some are encouraged to meet a broader base's agenda.

How does the public decipher? They don't. It is a popularity contest and we, the poor public, are left holding laws that don't serve us, and well, typically we are too busy drowning in some sort fiscal irresponsibility, or at the hands of crime or some other melee to care.

At the federal level, I am enraged at the GOP still, for their unwavering hammering of the stimulus package. Today's target is R-Bob Bennett from Utah who was quoted as saying this:

"As an American I want to see the right thing done regardless of who gets the credit," Bennett said. "I'm going to vote against this package because it won't work."
~ Senator Bob Bennett

I in turn emailed him this:

You don't speak for me or to me but yet my future may be in your hands. Experience as a legislator is something I am sure you can account for but as we are all painfully aware, conservative ideals have been in play for 8 years and they have managed to destroy the world and send us decades backward economically. Give this package a chance. The new President is highly educated, has international background and is rightfully poised to consider this package as something positive. Education, rural and inner city, infrastructure, and the arts have been ignored. Yes we need jobs, but we need a more educated country to overcome bigotry and divide, and unemployment.

Our counterparts can speak our language, can we speak theirs? No.

I have the utmost respect for your service to this country, but in your record, education and bio there is not much conveying that you alone can make such a broad assessment. You have requested more funding for Utah rural schools, for roads in your state, so how can you say "no"? It sounds partisan, and uncooperative.

I hope you will reconsider, and urge your fellow party members as well that this is no longer just about conservative constituencies. This affects us all. The globe, the planet as a unit, needs all of the package, family planning included, and we need it today. Stop ignoring the majority. It is ignorance and short-sighted common points of view that have engaged us in two wars and encouraged fear and ignorance across this great globe. Education, infrastructure, and arts engage the young minds that are turning to gangs, drugs and other heinous activities. Invest in the people today. It will make a better world.

Thank you for your time.

I urge us all to remain vigilant. Hypocrisy in government is rampant. Unless you have a halo, you are human. I hate finger pointers. But until we open every one of our elected officials closets we don't know what is in there and truthfully, I don't want to know. I don't want to know who they sleep with, who they praise, who they let cut their hair. ALL I care about is if they steal, lie or cheat on their taxes.

I want a fair government. I want an open government. I want legislation that preserves our way of life. I think every child should be over-educated. Children should know 5 languages and all about the arts. They should know music and all about other countries and their cultures.

We should not have to worry about bridges falling on our heads. We should not care if you win an election and give your friend Bob who saved your cat from being run over when you were ten a job if he is qualified.

Honestly, make it simple. Make it effective and make it right.

AND email these conservatives who are holding up progress!!

You can feel free to add R- Bob Bennett to your list by clicking HERE!

Okay, rant rant rant! I'm done!


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