January 3, 2009

Are we smart enough for peace??

I apologize, but this post contains very graphic pictures. I pulled this post on December 30, 2008 because it was the holidays. In addition, I also felt that because it was a New Year Holiday there would be some sort of armistice and that Gazans would not continue to be held captive by Hamas and slaughtered by Israel.

I was wrong.

Today, the air strikes continue and a ground attack is imminent. The World has protested and has urged both sides to play nice for the sake of the innocent. And more importantly I thought it would cease for the sake of the children.

Unfortunately it has become obvious these countries are only concerned with raising more angry people who will only know violence as the way to get a viewpoint across.

So unfortunate, in a time of education and technology, that people still choose to fight.

We in the States have our own terrorists, and we are hypocrites because we harbour these offenders in our homes and our families. Today's Street Gangs are terrorists and should be prosecuted as such. Immagine if these sorts had access to the money and weaponry factions like Hamas and Israel do; they'd be blowing up neighborhoods to a greater extent than they are right now.

When will we as a society, learn to implement in our pre-schools and day-cares that violence is wrong. Across the globe, in the U.N. and beyond, every country should be implementing anti-hate and tolerance programming beginning immediately.

Complacent citizens of the world, you may sigh and turn the channels, but this conflict is already finding its way into all of our lives. Synagogues and mosques are being vandalized as I write this.

Marches are being organized, and you can be assured that the more violent types are planning assaults. Do not be fooled into thinking this is more of a Middle East problem than a problem of our own.

Campaign today with anyone who will listen to begin educating our youth around the globe that we can all get along enough to ensure that every family can live in a certain amount of peace without infringing ideals on others.

Are beliefs worth lives? What good are ideals if everyone ends up dead? Or is that the point. Does Israel think if they just wipe out the entire strip that their problems will go away? There will always be someone else to dislike. Genocide has a way I suppose, but can there be another way?

Think PEACE today.

Here is a re-post of my rant from the other day:

Precious Cargo, Not Collateral Damage

History tells us that the events of Judea and Aliyah were commenced several times over the centuries but never by the indigenous peoples to which the rights belonged. Of course, dirt belongs to nature, and while I would deeply resent some entity removing me from my land, I think that if I was not an originating people I would not take it as hard.

For instance, should Native Americans repopulate themselves and kick us all out, who could be mad??

However, non-radical thinking has been the norm here in these States, and many of us can claim to be part of the native bloodline at this point, as I am sure is the case in Gaza and Israel and all of those neighboring borders.

Egyptians, Romans, French, and the British have all occupied the land. Hence, it was not for the British to "give"; but that is all history.

The world is transparent now. The propaganda of our politics no longer works. None of this makes sense to me. While I am Christian and have been taught my entire religious education that we are to love and support the Jewish for they have favor with God, I can not help but question who the real terrorists are.

We are all terrorists it seems. Genocide is the way of the world and we as human beings continue to perpetuate this madness, as if we don't bleed and feel pain just like the next one.

I can not help but feel responsible. Country after country after continent is murdering on behalf of some twisted belief system that promotes infanticide and execution. We support governments and crusades that terrorize others on moronic principles and egregious treachery.

How can we be "healthier, happier" with so many babies, on so many continents, dying for causes that aim to maim the masses for some gross economics or a politician's gain.

On the eve of a brand new year, shame on us all...

View these only if you plan to do something about it...




How we, as Americans, got involved in this allegiance, I am sure, resulted from some war-time tariff or treaty. Whatever the case, Peace in the Middle-East NOW!

Not one more baby should die at the hands of all these terrorists. Africa, Arab League, Jews, Americans alike...murdering children...and all for what Christian, Jewish, Arab god or the purity of some tribe?

Children are jewels to be treasured...

and if this world can't embrace that concept, maybe I'll be losing my religion...


Bobbie said...

What a passionate post and a great call for peace. Sometimes I find the violence to be overwhelming, like in Africa where the slaughter isn't even religious, but tribal or just plain brutal. I so hope we can evolve beyond this!

I try to remember, too, that all those terrorists used to be children and babies. How the heck do they turn into such hard-headed crazy adults? We all have the same basic needs. Seems to come down to a lack of ability to share. How sad.

Thanks for your post. :) Keep thinking ggod thoughts.

Houseonahill said...

Thanks so much for stopping in.
I had to take a few days off ~ I was so angry at how we are all behaving...the whole U.N. school bombing REALLY was out of bounds...but, I have accepted that no one is going to step up and behave in this matter so we must move on. I am tryyying to think good thoughts; sometimes it takes hearing from great folks like you to get your faith going again, so THANKS!

Los Angelista said...

Our world leaders twiddle their thumbs over this when in reality, every nation should rise up and condemn both sides. There is no justification to any of it and no unity can ever be achieved if folks can't put the common good of their children over what they think they're owed or what they think they deserve.

Houseonahill said...

Absolutely right on point.