December 9, 2008

We've got spirit, Yes We Do, We've got SPIRIT, How 'bout YOU!!

Many, many, many years ago, when I was in high school, that was a popular chant at various sporting events...

I couldn't help but think of it while listening to the news about the sit-in here in Chicago. The spirit and determination of fellow Chicagoans who are staging this sit-in at Republic Windows and Doors, 1333 N Hickory Ave, Chicago, IL.

On Friday, December 5th, two hundred workers were given three days notice that they would no longer be employed.

Illinois government has stepped in. READ USA TODAY HERE. It has dominated our local news and put a great big PANG in my heart.

Previously I have shared that despite historical accounts of Al Capone and mob days, civil unrest and the corruption that went into building this town, Chicagoans are the "Monsters of the Midway" and are often shining examples of a "City that Works".

We have our problems, as any metropolis does, but I can guarantee that before this week is out, if this is not solved expeditiously, Chicagoans, and probably folks from all over the world are going to support these workers. We will feed them and help them...and we will watch and see to make sure they are treated right.

What are your thoughts on this sit-in? If this occurred to you or someone you love, would you fight for what you feel you deserve?

What about Bank of America? What do you think is their responsibility to these workers? The workers are holding down for severance pay and accrued vacation pay. That is understandable, given the conditions during this time.

What can we do to support others going through emotional situations such as these?

This is such a sad yet powerful story. I can't help but feel and wish I could say or do more...


After I posted this, the bottom fell out of Illinois (Or the top, depending on how you address this). Our governor was arrested along with his Chief of Staff. The GOOD news is here : BANK of America extended more credit so that the good hardworking can be paid...

Now, I know for a fact that this good company employed undocumented, that is another issue that needs to be addressed, although Illinois is a sanctuary state. We must consider, how much of tax payers money is being handed over?

Folks worked hard though, regardless of their status, so are they due these funds?

As our great country is undone on so many levels, now is the time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but this time we should be collaborating on how to do it the right way...

Food for thought to feed our HONEST elected officials, if that is an oxymoron I truly apologize!!


Midwest Mom said...

I understand what you mean. As a fellow Illinoisan, I have been watching this story with interest. I can't understand, though, why the Governor's office would step in and blame Bank of America. What about stepping in to help those workers? (of course, today, I'm sure the governor's office is more interested in posting bail for the Blagojevich and his chief of staff...)

Maybe what we can do is to step up to help people in our own areas who might be going through something similar. At my church, we have an "adopt a family" program, where our family can adopt a local family in need to provide food and christmas gifts for them. If every person or family just helps one another, maybe we can make a dent in the need people are feeling right now.

Thanks for the post, and I hope you have a good week! -MM

Houseonahill said...

Midwest Mom,

I forgot to mention that the intent against Bank of America may have been because they were recipients of bail-out money that should go to helping tax payers...BUT like you said, I think today they are simply trying to bond Blogie out!!!

I got spammed again!

But glad you stopped in!!


~ House

YogaforCynics said...

What's really obscene about the bail-out is that there's so little accountability involved. Basically, it's just more welfare for the rich.

As Woody Guthrie sang:
"Oh ya can't scare me, I'm sticking to the union,
I'm sticking to the union, I'm sticking to the union...."

Houseonahill said...


~ Thanks for stopping in...

Gina said...

Hey! I gave you an award on my blog today. I hope you’ll go claim it and pass it on :)