December 14, 2008



Shame on me. Okay. Let's get it out of the way. I try to share respectability with you guys because I love, respect and adore you ~ but ya gotta allow me this one slip. JUST THIS ONCE.

I LOVE my country. I am patriotic. And while I may have mentioned displeasure, dislike, I have never gone beyond what is dignified.

BUT, this, I just gotta say something here. I will never be able to have a chance like this again. With what 37 days left in his administration...please accept my apology.

Our Dubya has dodged a size 10 shoe.

Now, first let me share that I know a thing or two about flying shoes. It was a form of discipline in my home until I was about 10 years old. Flying slippers, flying shoes, flying bookbags ~ and I can tell you first phases you.

It is a shocking attention getter, and you almost surely always go "whoa"!

And the thrower has made their point. Hey, it is something substantial, in flight, sailing with a whoosh toward your're gonna have a reaction.

Now unless our dear duck, is used to ducking, this had to freak him the flying f**** out!!

From what I understand, shoe flying is the utmost form of disrespect in Iraq.

It was in my household too, that and door slamming.

Poor Dubya, after I laughed hysterically for ten minutes and almost wet my pants, I felt remorse, I felt empathy, I felt really bad for this guy. I just don't know how it must feel being bullied by the entire globe because of being such a lying, sneaking, incredible specimen who pillaged another country for his own personal gain.

My son who loves me very much, bought me "The Out Of Office Countdown: Yes The End Is Near" calender for Christmas last year and it has bought us so much joy and laughter at George Bush's expense.

It IS funny but it is not.

I guess we laugh to keep from crying. He is a war criminal and should be brought to justice. But I guess in the mean time, we must be happy with just throwing shoes.

There are no lines on the calender for weekends, so for today there is nothing , but the next quote laid out is for December 28th with a quote from Dec. 28th 2004. It reads ~

"I'm not an expert on how Iraqi people think, because I live in America, where it's nice and safe and secure."

Uh, Dub, if that is how you plan to stay; uniformed, uneducated, uncouth, then don't go on unannounced, unwanted, unwarranted visits to Iraq. Don't say goodbye...just slither on out, quietly!!!


Midwest Mom said...

I laughed my ever-lovin size sevens off at this post!

Could the office of the President be demeaned any more?!??!

what is it? 35 days and counting?

- MM

Gina said...

Okay, I've been hearing about this video, but have yet to actually see it. Considering he was throwing shoes, that guy had really good aim!

kr said...

Honestly! Our soon-to-be-ex pres. is just such an enormous tool. He did seem eerily unphased by the incoming shoe, and his comment about its size was entirely if to imply, had the shoe been bigger, it would have been more insulting...a smaller shoe less so...the size ten, just right...? Odd. Talk about going out with a bang. The old boy's bonkers! Thank God sanity is just around the bend...

Houseonahill said...

@Midwest Mom,
SO glad I wasn't the only one! It's like snickering in church. You do it but then you feel bad as if you shouldn't...but this guy is such, as K.R. said a "tool"!!

And as for the time know, with this guy...we just might be in for a Chanukah nightmare, a Xmas faux pas, a New Year's Nightmare, I am sure these will be the longest last days we have ever seen!!! LOL!


I admire that he was able to kick them both off before anyone could react and fling as well!!

He should be given a medal for doing what we have all wanted at some point!

@kr, LOL!!!! "tool" I LOVE it!!

Tamera said...

Hehe. You naughty girl! LOL

Houseonahill said...

:) ~ teehee

Nardeeisms said...

Ashamed to say it...Nards here...checking in as one of the ones who were doubled over in laughter. My husband and I played the clip over and over again. The man has perfected the art of dodging over the years; and this time it finally came in handy. And for those of us who were wondering when the other shoe was going to drop...we now have our answer! Ha! Love - Nards

Houseonahill said...

rondering said...

"It was funny but it's not" says it all. Not wishing Bush any harm, but a few more shoes hurled at him would have been enjoyable.

Is there a new video game in the works? Dodge-a-Show.

Houseonahill said...

Absolutely, after 8 yrs of dodging maybe a few boots too would be fun!

Dubya, definitely has a job after he finally releases us from this horror...dodging flying objects!!