December 12, 2008

Friends On Friday ~ SHAKLEE, Patty & YOU!!

Patty Matlock of Shaklee

Now, my friends, I have been pushing Shaklee since I began blogging. I do it because it saved my life. Shaklee is just that good.

Stress had begun to take over my body like some sort of venerable alien. I was experiencing different symptoms at different times which led me to embark on a journey of health and awareness.

My first ailment that started to surface began about 10 years ago. I would suffer eczema. It would come in the form of blistery sores on my legs. I lived with it citing it was the cold dry Chicago winter weather. That ignorance worked until it began to spread. Dermatologists offered it was over-showering, allergies, detergent, stress, yadda, yadda, ya!

I learned quickly, they had no more of a clue than me.

Then my scalp began to flake. I looked like my very own ski slope. Gradually it occurred to me that I am what I eat, drink AND put on my skin.

I quickly eliminated fragrance.

Then meat, then products with things I could not pronounce. Ten years later, I happened to cross an Oprah Show featuring Shaklee cleaning products all while joining the WomenForHire network. Lo and behold, there was a entrepreneur being featured and her name was Patty Matlock.

This part of the story has been told, but I never shared how bleak things had become for me and my skin before I really took things into my own hands and took charge of my life.

I had things well under control by the time I found Shaklee, but I was not HAPPY with my products. Either the detergent was over-priced, did not clean my clothes well and I had to go all over to get each product I needed. Different distributors carrying different products. Then there was my skin and the lotions, soaps, moisturizers needed for healthy skin. Often that would lead to a pricey spree.

Not with Shaklee. I am able to clean my toilet with Basic H without breaking out. I no longer have ANY asthma/allergy symptoms. I clean my floors with Basic H. I clean everything without the affects of toxic products. I have never again used the cancer causing agent bleach. My skin is NEVER irritated. My clothes are clean and smell good. AND THAT's JUST THE HOUSING PRODUCTS, which are affordable and are concentrated so that they last a REALLY long time.

Using the shampoo, moisturizers, lotions, laundry boosters and wipes has just been a healthy encouraging and an eye-opening experience.

AND there is so much to Shaklee that I have not uncovered yet! The serums, diet plans, air filters...there are loads of products that only Patty can tell you about.

I mean, I can tell you that I use the stove scrubbing agent to clean my stove AND to polish my teeth once a month. It beats any whitening agent without the poison...tell Crest to beat that!

So every chance I can, I will be urging you to a "Healthier, Happier, You" by using these wonderful products. Just look at Patty glow!! You can have that too!

Read up on the newsletter, Shaklee is a great Holiday stocking stuffer!

I Love it and LOVE sharing it with you! Happy, healthy day!!!

Contact Patty today to change your life!

Make it your healthiest year ever!
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Gina said...

That is awesome! I am allergic to so many seemingly random things, that I try to keep things as simple as possible. I'm glad that this product line is so great for you, I will have to look into it, their website looks great :)

Houseonahill said...

Gina, I used to have allergic reactions all the time and now I don't. With the combination of your great diet and excercise, I think using chemical free products to clean yourself and your home and using chemical cruelty free cosmetics may be just what your body is needing ~ Shaklee has done that for me!!!

Patty is awesome and available so call her with any questions.

Keep us all posted!

{Gonna try to bake the fig bread this weekend ;0) }