November 1, 2008

On THIS Dia De Los Muertos ~ bring forth the light!

The common breath from most everyone I have spoken with (I live in the VERY BLUE state of Illinois) is that many are planning to leave the country or choose not to become citizens if the McCain/Palin ticket somehow wins.

As I have been emphasizing, Pentads has been mentioning the tone of world conversations quite frequently these past few weeks and that has sparked an entire new side of this election for me. So, as I read news from other parts of the world in pursuit of a more worldly vision, I am thankful for being able to read VERY vocal opinions regarding our election, and how it may influence their upcoming elections OR hierarchy OR global relations.

Additionally, in my Obama/Biden phone banking, it has become really powerfully evident that an Obama/Biden loss might tip this country over on its head.

As has been evident in phone banking, I have found that in daily conversations as well, folks are worried and doing everything they can to influence others into being more vigilant and engaged. It is literally on the tips of every ones lips, rolling off of their tongues that this election is the most important election of our lifetime. There is a fearful glimmer in every ones eyes, and strangers may feel you out a bit, but when they notice the fearful glimmer in your eyes too, they let it all hang out!

On the train, in grocers, and when I go to the post office to mail, folks are afraid.

They are afraid that the minority of Americans who are racist and fearful anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, homophobic, mavericks will somehow prevail as they did in 2000.

I have spoken with several non-citizens, residing here legally, who are just waiting to see who wins before sealing the deal. They are adamant that they will simply go back home because a McCain win signifies exclusion and more war. They are working on the Obama/Biden Campaign even if they can not vote!!! The sentiment is that America is a land of opportunity and McCain/Palin simply do not represent the beautiful ideals of this land. Many state that their conversations with family back home echo what we fear.

The world is watching to see if anti-global, divisional politics will drape a cloud over purple majesty, locking her down, smothering the light of her democracy, cradling hate while murdering righteousness and humanity...the world awaits...with bated breath and bated hopes as the Republican Party continues to fight by throwing acid instead of dreams.

Is McCain really a hero or a heretic? And do we really want to find out? Eracism on November 4th. Allow everyone to be who they want to be. Allow the dreams. Allow the missions. Watch us come forth...and brilliantly shine...joining hands as the world awaits...

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