November 6, 2008

JUST SAY NO! to election withdrawals

That's what I tell offenders who are addicted to illicit substances, and re-offend.

"Just SAY no!" There is compassion in my diatribe, but it is typically laced with a lot of calls to action and self introspection and demands to end self-loathing.

THEN, when I woke up this morning, I had a headache. Almost as if I had withdrawals myself.

I attributed it to lack of caffeine, but now I've just finished my coffee, and it is still there ~ nagging!

THEN I checked my emails, and it occurred to me ~ I HAVE ELECTION WITHDRAWAL ~ ALREADY! There were no calls to action. No schedules to attend to. There were no calls to make. No emails to send. Just ~ Quiet.

I miss the headquarters. I miss urgently, feverishly working toward a common goal!

I know there is still much more work to do. I know there is still the cause. BUT, I am still in high gear. I am still on that roll!

So, I decided to post today to see what you guys all have to say.

I am putting this all out to you. How do you think we should all stay on this roll?

My thought is that we should stay connected to our local governments. Keep networking with all the people you have encountered to make this happen because we made this happen for ourselves! We are so powerful and strong. OUR voices are being heard, so let's make sure we continue to say something.

We care deeply enough about common decency and goodness. We care about our fellow man/woman and child.

Lets keep on the rise. I am calling my alderman today to see how we can all liaison.

There's a new sheriff in town and he needs his army...his army of love and compassionate souls...lets stay at work!

Let me know what you guys think!


Tamera said...

I have withdrawal big time...I just keep clicking back and forth with no

Houseonahill said...

Looks like we were clicking at the same time last night! I was clicking for you while you were clicking for me ~ reminds me of that Police song..."Sychronicity", LOL...hope the nation stays in our current state of syncopation ;0)

Glad for your safe return!