November 21, 2008

CHICAGO is mean...

Remember this? This was Chicago November 4, 2008. It was 75 degrees downtown. The President-elect and his family look HAPPY and WARM and PLEASANT in NICE weather!

What in the world happened? Chicago happened. So typical. We have 3 seasons is what we always say: Winter, summer and construction. And it is so true.

Photo by Jae C. Hong / AP

Here is what they would look like today!!

Photo by M. Spencer Green / AP

URGH! COLD! It is 27 degrees. Check my little Weather Pixie on the sidebar today. SHE's bundled. The Hawk has arrived. What is "The Hawk", you ask? No, I am not referring to nature's wondrous creatures that we see here.

If you have never visited Chicago, where the blustery winds do blow, (I believe I wrote about this before), the best description I can give at this moment, while attempting to stop the tingling sensation I am having right now in the tips of my toes, is this: imagine the coldest wind blowing from an industrial A/C unit times 1000 swooping from the highest point of heaven at an alarming velocity. Then imagine that wind enveloping you, squeezing you until your face is tight, and your teeth want to break. That is "The Hawk" as it hugs you and welcomes you to a nice, long, miserable winter's stay.

Gearing up for this part of the season, that I absolutely hate, is difficult. I'm already counting for Opening Day which falls on April 6, 2009! Hey, whatever it takes for me to get through the long, long, winter months.

If you live in a challenging climate and do not enjoy it, what do you do to get through it?

Don't say MOVE, and don't say pray! They are both on my list of things to do...but I need something substantial here!!!

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