October 31, 2008

My Bubba & My Barack


For those of us who struggled with the Clinton/Obama primary, what could have been better than Senator Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton at the Kissimmee, Florida Midnight rally October 29-30, 2008???

I had the warm fuzzes. It was a great night for democrats. A Love Fest at long last ~ so while I have already cast my vote, made my phone calls and knocked on doors, ultimately, in the end I got everything I wanted.

My Bubba, Barack and a democrat in the White House ~

OH WAIT! The Dream is still A DREAM! Four days LEFT! Join me in doing your part...


Can we really stand McCain/Palin lies 4 more years? Their fear mongering and racism can not be given any oxygen.

Stay out of our vaginas, bedrooms, prayer rooms and stop perpetuating war and scare tactics! November 4th SHUT Palin UP!

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